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Demi Does Dior



We loved the Granville from Dior when it first hit the stores and it appears Mrs. Kutcher does, too (I knew she was a bag snob!). She toted the fabulous bag while visiting the set of The Beautiful Life (hubby is producing). I think I like it even better in black! Dior Granville Bagicon is $2,350 here. (jump for more photos!)


26 thoughts on “Demi Does Dior

  1. she looks amazing. they are a beautiful couple. the bag is gorgeous too

  2. Debbie Terry on said:

    The bag is really beautiful but I bet it is very heavy.

  3. Too big and heavy for me but Demi could look good with a brown paper sack.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I HAVE to get this bag! Is it at saks or nordstroms? Or is it special order?

  5. michelle on said:

    The bag is available at Saks.

  6. she looks FIERCE!

    look at the muscle tone in her arms!

  7. Agreed.

  8. Demi looks great. I like the big Dior bag too. I am troubled with the huge age gap between Demi and her bf. She is not the only one, there is Madonna too, not mentioning old men choosing young girls for partners. Something is terribly a miss, when these things occur. This is the only thought that came to my mind about the bag, sorry.

  9. Beautiful bag! Demi looks like she is still in her 30s and he is a lovely lovely man. Perhaps if he weren’t so accomplished, the age gap might seem like a big deal to me but he’s a wonderfully creative and successful man. They are a fabulous pair.

  10. I haven’t bought a dior bag in a few years. I am happy they have a nice collection this season. I saw one I am going to buy at saks in ny.

  11. anonymous on said:

    Demi does look great, but she looks like his mother! The bag seems a bit old to me too.

  12. Is there anything hotter then Ashton? I think not. And come on ladies, if you fill yourself with silicone at Demi’s age, you could look like her too…let’s see, breast implants – check, Botox – check, eyelid lift – check, and so on… But her poor ugly daughter Potatohead…can you imagine having a mother 1000 times hotter then you – even if she is plastic? especially when you’re only 21? what a blow to your self-esteem.

  13. 100% on…yes money can buy you youth no doubt

  14. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    People! I am ashamed of those of you who are tearing down this woman whom you do not know!

    Don’t be jealous cus she’s got a gorgeous young hubby! She looks super hot and who cares if she’s had help or not! I’m right in line for some help myself as I hit 40.

    Keep it about the bags please :)

  15. So sorry Tina, it was just too easy a target. I’ll TRY to hold my tongue next time!!! =)

  16. I agree with Tina

    this woman has children who might be reading this about their mother!

    My thoughts are, hot bag, hot hubby, hot woman.

  17. WOW…They look HAWT! And I LOVE that bag! What’s really noteworthy is that a Dior bag made it onto this website!

  18. look at her arms. i don’t think that’s plastic, it takes a lot of working out to look that good. anyway, love the bag but mucho expensive!

  19. Oh please. Demi is beautiful and why does one assume that if you are in your mid forties that you had to have a ton of plastic surgery to look good. Eating right and working out really works. The person that made fun of her daughter must not have children otherwise they wouldn’t be so cruel.

    Getting back to the beautiful Dior bag, it is on my list of must haves for the Fall. It is stunning…

  20. Anonymous on said:

    It’s not heavy–it’s in lambskin.

  21. Demi Moore is an adult, who has every right to her decisions and takes responsibility of her actions. If you post us a picture of a bag with her and her companion on it, I think it is only natural, that people comment on both, as always has been the pattern, on this site.

  22. LOVE the bag! And Demi looks fabulous–I could only wish I’d look like that. Might have to buy the bag–does it come in any other colors?

  23. I am crushing on this bag, this beautiful, beautiful bag. a must have for fall.

  24. adoredior on said:

    The bag is hot!

    @metscan: Your use of superfluous commas makes your post hard to read!

  25. i like this leather handbag ,and its design ,i also very like

  26. dina caroline on said:

    I don’t know about this one. When I think Dior I think ultimate elegance. A woman always looks classic in Dior. When I see this I just think “dressed up sack.”

    Dina Caroline—founder of dressed by dina

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