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English Tudor Cottage Bed


I will admit, I am completely obsessed with play houses, as you can tell if you frequent Tot Snob. This cottage to house your bed is so awesome, I don’t see how your tots can even sleep with so much fun going on around them. There is a slide (there are stairs on the other side)! And you can play Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood or you can pretty much use this for all your theatrics. This set comes in pieces so it’ll fit through your door but apparently the assembly is easy. You can order it to fix whatever size bed you want. I really need to get one of these before my tots grow up or I will become that freaky old lady living in a house of dolls, cats and playhouses all around my backyard! =) At Posh Tots for $14,450.




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  1. i have bee looking for a princess castle bed for my daughter for a year now and then i was told about this website and OMG i realy want a princess castle bed for her, do u sell them if so how much please please please she is so in to her princesses and always pretending to be a princess