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Fall Must Have: The Red Bag

yslredhobo.jpg ungaronochain.jpg

If you want to be on trend this Fall and want something really daring and sexy, go for a red hot bag!  sangaredclutch.jpgRed is back and better than ever, in everything from a distressed YSL Red Hobo ($1,395) to a timeless chic Valextra Boston bag ($2,190), this is one color you can not do without this season!  I am also in love with Ungaro‘s red studded clutch (900 euro/$1,273 USD)  — totally ’80s and so fabulous with the multi shaded and sized studs!  And of course you can not go wrong with the Balenciaga Arena Giant envelope clutch, it’s become a cult classic and the dark red shade is not as bright as some of the other styles.  I am especially craving Sang A‘s fiery red python Elsworth with delicate brushed gold chain ($1,160)– the color is amazing and will be fabulous through the holidays! 

What do you think of Red’s comeback?   Snob or Slob?  




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  1. Total SNOB! I love the colour red and love bags so naturally I love red bags 🙂 There’s just something about a plain outfit (black, grey, white, demin) and a hot red bag to add colour and interest.

  2. HI Tina, LOVE the ungaro clutch! LOVE red since it means good luck, happiness, passion, etc all the good things in life:) I must get the YSL red hobo, and and sang a python and the ungaro clutch for my collection!

  3. The only red bag that has caught my eye and my heart is the Speedy 35 (or was it 30) in red from the Epi collection. Gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely Snob–you can’t go wrong with the right red bag! I always feel more feminine and attractive when I carry red.

  5. the red YSL Roady just arrived in the new york YSL store! i saw it today. Gorgeous! And so much bag for 1395. TOTAL SNOB

  6. Obviously Snob!

    I am crazy about red colour. I have already 3 red begs of different size and brands. All begs showing here are attractive. I am wondering to buy last one.

  7. I am so glad that red is fashionable because it’s my favourite colour. It’s bright and I always feel good in it. I just love my red clothes – particularly when I’m wearing them with red lipstick!