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Giovanni Organic Body Care: Biodegradable Body Towelettes

giovannitowelettes.jpgI attended a girls’ lunch for 3 of my friends’ birthdays last month and one of our friends (who shall remain nameless) came straight from Tennis without showering (it was 109 degrees!). I didn’t sit next to her so I can’t attest to her scent but would have offered her one of these Giovanni body towelettes had I had them on me! If anything, the sanitizing factor alone is worth it. Giovanni towelettes are also great to keep on hand for a quick refreshers even if you’re just running around town. They’re especially great to use while traveling with the kids. These tiny towelettes unfold to large wipes that hydrate and sanitize on contact. Each one is perfectly pre-soaked to thoroughly cleanse, cool and uplift. Giovanni Biodegradable Organic Towelettes come in three different scents:
· Lavender Calm: For an end of day moment to calm and cleanse

· Grapefruit Splash: For a fun, fresh, citrus feeling

· Peppermint Surge: For those who enjoy the mint tingle feeling of clean

Buy Giovanni Towelettes hereicon $11.95 for a pack of 20 towelettes.  Be totally honest– when have you skipped a shower after a sweaty work out and gone out to meet friends, dates, etc?  I’ll go first, I went to lunch after kickboxing without showering.  I put my hair up in a ponytail, swiped myself down with Giovanni towelettes, and called it a day 🙂



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