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Hot Lashes, Heats and Curls Lashes Instantly


Curling iron for your lashes, that’s exactly what this is. It heats up the lash curler (there is a metal piece that the lash curler clips between), then you use it like normal. I was kind of scared to put something hot on my eye but it doesn’t get that hot, it is a pleasant warmth like a hot towel on your face. Obviously the important part is the part that touches your lashes but the rest of the curler does get warm along with everything else. I kept it on for about 10-15 seconds and it really does work, just like a curling iron! At first, the lashes are a bit too curly but it relaxes a bit and stays curled and flirty for 24 hours! I used it without mascara because you’re not supposed to curl your lashes with mascara on. Once I did put on mascara, it was kind of pointless because the Serge Lutens mascara I use curls my lashes, so I never actually use a lash curler. But if you have the good fortune of having naturally long lashes and just need a curl, this is the thing for you! A bit of warning though, you must use the curler it comes with because the rubber part is special and will not melt with heat, whereas, your own curler might get destroyed! At Amazon for $34.



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  1. I have pencil straight lashes so I love gadgets like this. Have you tried Sephora’s heated eyelash curler? If so, how does this one compare to Sephora’s?

  2. I’ve been using the hot lash heated curler for over 16 years and it’s the best!! I wouldn’t know what to do without it and it’s so simple. I’m a flight attendant so I have two, one for home and one when I travel. The unit lets you know when the curler is ready and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. I guess some think using your hair dryer works the same but I really doubt it. I guess it depends on whether you want to spend the money. By the way it’s a small investment, the heater lasts forever you just need to replace the curler pads from time to time. It does makes a difference no matter what kind of mascara you use but if you use good mascara it’s the icing on the cake. Soem great masacaras Rock&Republic Noir, Bare Escentuals new Flawless Lash, Smashbox Bionic and finally Me by Mezhgan (you can order me on line) and her other products which I have tried are great too. She does American Idol makeup.