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Katherine Heigl’s Memphis Python from Marc Jacobs



Woah, who knew yellow and python could look like a chintz pillow? And who’d think it’d be okay to stick cheap nylon shoulder straps on a $4,200 bag!?!? I guess that would be none other than Marc Jacobs. I generally like Katherine Heigl’s style but a shiny blue cocktail dress is not the first thing I’d think of wearing the bag with. Was it the only bag she traveled with? It’s just so blindingly bright and… spotty. I think my real problem with it is not the color or pattern though, it’s that it looks really cheap yet is outrageously priced. Nylon? Really? I’m perplexed. The Memphis Python tote from Marc Jacobs is at Barneys New York here.



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  1. I bought this bag back in April and ended up returning it back to Neimans about a week later! It is pretty and fun but so not worth 4500- with tax! So instead I got a bag from Stephen Sprouse for LV collection with pink graffiti over traditional canvas for 1300! Much better deal and just as much fun to carry for the summer.

  2. If you told me that this was a couple of hundred bucks, i can almost justify it with a jean outfit (like the one Katherine had on the right)…but $4300 for nylon and the tassles r a copy from one of his LV bags, it’s so overpriced. I doubt Katherine paid for this as most celebrity get “freebies” from designers..i guess if it’s free, i might have taken it but even if it’s $1500, i would not have bothered! SLOB

  3. WTF! Nylon straps on a bag that costs almost 5k? I am so over MJ, took all my Marc Jacobs bags to resale store last year, do not regret it at all.

  4. Reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag. And although Vera Bradley is not my taste (to put it mildly), at least the bags are inexpensive, which is more than I can say for this monstrosity.

  5. I´m thrilled about the pictures ! The bag looks great on the actress( ? ), who´s hair I also admire. I completely forget the who and what does it cost questions. Looking at the pictures, this seems irrelevant.

  6. This bag doesn’t look designer at all. It looks generic and if I could afford it, I certainly wouldn’t. Totally Canal Street and on my worst day couldn’t come up with a more horrendous combination of colors, flower appliques & python!!!!

    Not surprising, Marc Jacobs continues to flop. But atleast he’s consistent!

  7. I met Katherine Heigl at Bergdorf’s a few years ago, and she is a lovely person. Unfortunately, she has horrible taste in bags, it was obvious then and it’s still obvious. She usually looks pretty great, even without makeup, dressed for a cold day, but someone needs to show her what a great bag can do for an outfit.

  8. i love this bag and i think it looks great. you need to see it in person. it’s actually very well made and quite detailed. better than another boring tod’s or bv or ysl. as much as i love those brands, once you have one bag, you pretty much have everything they have to offer. what’s wrong with whimsical, fun, fresh, irreverent, and different? we’ve all seen a classic python black bag a million times. we all know what it looks like. let’s see something a little refreshing.

  9. Sienna Miller carried a bag from the same collection in a black, called the ‘Robert Jennifer’. This bag, unlike the one above, is just beautiful. Its a kind of playful take on a classic Chanel. Google it to see!