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Muu, Customized Sam Crib


Muu is the only children’s product in the running to win the prestigious International Design Excellence Award. That says something but what’s even more important is that this line works for parents! The Sam Crib (which converts to a toddler bed) has a customizable panel that can be easily replaced (for only $95). You choose the design, color and personalized message. The collection also has dresser, nightstand and twin bed, but it is the storage unit that has me revved up! It has one large bin and a shelf. Toy bins with a lid not only has the risk of injury but what ends up happening is, you start piling things on top of the closed lid and the whole thing becomes a giant mess pile. This does what you need it to do and looks cute while doing it! All the design panels can be changed out when you tire of it or when you hand it down to a younger sibling. Sam Crib is $1175 and the storage unit is $495 at Muu Kids.



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