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Rachel Bilson’s Miu Miu: Snob or Slob?

r bilson.png

I’m going to preface this by saying that most of my favorite bags are Miu Miu. Hermes might be the holy grail for most, but I’d take a Miu Miu over an Hermes any day (except for the Medor clutch with collier de chien hardware..oo how I drool over anything collier de chien!). Rachel Bilson is pictured on the left in Miu Miu’s Ruched Bag in red. Ruched bags have definitely become a Miu Miu signature and I know that some may find this bag overkill, but I’m absolutely loving it. It’s so fun and different without being tacky and the gold hardware is done very tastefully. It’s not the easiest bag style to pull-off given the loud colors and bold design (I actually prefer the brown version of this bag), but Bilson pulls it off wonderfully with her all-black, casual outfit.

What do you think about this Ruched bag? Snob or Slob?


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  1. Tina already reviewed this bag like in March? why is it being reviewed again. The bag has been and gone like on sale months ago

  2. Hi girls,

    Sharon is just giving her opinion on the bag, which greatly differs from mine 🙂 We think it’s great we have a young girl offering her perspective!


  3. Ug. I find nothing about this bag attractive. Somehow the ruching reminds me of overdyed circus peanut candy. Maybe the brown is better?

  4. Rachel Bilson can make anything look great-ebven this hideous bag. This bag though is ugly. It looks like those bags woven out of rags they make in the Philippines as an ecofriendly shopping tote. Great for a shopping tote and going green but not for high priced fashion.