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Smythson Make-Up Brush Roll

Skip this post if you’re on any kind of a budget! For those who have the means to indulge their whims however, how chic is this this Smythson Make-Up Brush Roll ($540)? Made from subtle coral-colored calfskin it has a papaya colored leather lining and comes with 8 professional quality brushes and tweezers. It couldn’t be more practical for traveling (I only wish the inside pockets were such that this could double as a clutch!), and I love that it protects the brushes (unlike my brushes now which are thrown into various makeup bags without any protective covering). Unfortunately I can’t randomly justify spending this amount of money on an extravagance like this, but what a fab gift this would make for a milestone birthday or other big occasion for a makeup aficionado. What do you think about this make-up brush roll? Are you tempted to indulge? 


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  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! I want, I want, I want! However I am too poor AND in England so there would be an awful exchange rate thing going on. 🙁

  2. Yikes, I want it too! And the fact that it comes with those lovely brushes is almost too tempting. When I travel I always put my brushes into the little plastic sheaths they came in when I bought them (if I even remembered not the throw them away!)

    I suppose I could justify this by saying I need new brushes…

  3. I don’t want one because a) it is made of leather (yuck) b) it looks like it will stain very easily once brushes are used and put back and c)it isn’t really big enough for my purposes. In addition of course there is the price – $540 I would rather make my own at a fraction of the price, I can design it specific to my needs and rest assured there will not be another one like it. If I had that sort of money to waste I would still make my own and give the cash to charity.