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In Salon Spray Tan: Versa Spa vs. Mystic Tan


There’s a lot of confusion and questions about the difference between Versa Tan and the Mystic Tan. Not all tanning solutions are created the same! One is not necessarily better than the other, they are different for good reason. For starters, let’s talk about their similarities: both take the same amount of time, roughly 60 seconds; they have voice instruction so you don’t have to memorize the poses; both offer moisturizing spray; and they have reformulated the solution so smell is no longer an issue for either.

Now for what you want to know: the differences! The biggest distinction is the kind of tan you want for the skin type you have. If you are already a darker tone, the Mystic will give you a better result because in general, it gives a darker tan. But if you are fair and use the Mystic, it may look too dark and unnatural. If you are starting off with very fair skin, go for the Versa which has a reddish violet undertone to prevent the horrid orange Oompa Loompa look during the fade. The one advantage Mystic has is the built in heater which opens up the pores allowing for better absorption. Some have found this process to give a slightly longer lasting tan, around 5-6 days, but it will be less if you go in a hot tub, shower with super hot water or use lotions with high alcohol content (which you should never do!). But the biggest contrast between the 2, and one that really seals the deal for most to go with the Versa is their clear solution. The clear process requires 2-3 hours to develop the tan so it doesn’t rub off immediately and get on all your clothes. The bronze solution is instant and is good when you need to go somewhere and look fabulous immediately.


  • Heated booth to open pores
  • Lasts longer
  • Darker tan


  • Will not turn orange
  • Best option for fair tones
  • Has a Clear option to prevent mess


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  1. i don’t understand fake tanning. as long as getting a tan is still “in,” it’s only going to propagate people baking under the sun and/or spending money on products that turn you a color that you’re not. everyone should wear spf and learn to love their natural hue. i’m very pale, and about three years ago i just stopped trying to force tan-ness on myself. of course i still like a little “glow” with bronzer, but otherwise i’m much happier being my pasty white self. why fool people into thinking you’re damaging your skin?

    1. Its not fake tanning it’s the same thing as you putting your bronzes on. Except that this is healthier for you because it is more moisturizing.

    2. There is a reason sick people in movies are made up to be pale and next to colorless …
      Spraying/Tanning creates the appearance of warm skin and healthy blood flow, same as bronzer and blush.
      I’m pasty also. I look healthier with a little color but am as Irish as it gets, so I spray. Not trying for the Jersey Shore look, just a little sun kissed glow. As a friend said to me once, “tan fat looks better than white fat.”
      Women have been doing crazier things for beauty than faking the bake; The use of belladonna, which is poisonous, to dilate pupils. The long ago used lead based makeups which was shortly there after changed to arsenic based, drinking ink to stain teeth black. Painting nails and lips red for the purpose of implying a healthy youthful glow is by any stretch of the imagination an odd practice.
      Our bodies need UV to function properly. Without it we suffer with things like Rickets and Seasonal Affective Disorder.
      I don’t advocate people using the beds for max times every 18 hours (Palm Beach has a minimum time between sessions as I believe most places do) or slathering on the crisco (everyone knows someone who has done this) and laying in the sun for an hour each day. There is point where the scale between healthy and soon-to-be-cancered-leather tips. In short, a little color is healthy. And fake color is like wearing make up … that isn’t lead based.

    3. “everyone should wear spf” – WHY should we cover our self full of chemicals when mother nature intended for us to be outside in the sunlight? The drive to scare everyone out of the sun stems from sunscreen companies motivation for profits.

      1. You really should do some research on the dangers of overexposure from the sun. We pushed Mother Nature aside when we depleted atmospheric protection from the sun and haven’t you heard, it’s hotter than hell out here. The sun provides us with energy and life, but please educate yourself. Ignorance leads to misinformation and potential danger.

      2. Some people can’t even be in the sun and spf still won’t help much. Sunless tanning is the only alternative use for people with melanoma have. But thank you for your thoughts

    4. Why post here? Why even search certain key words to find these articles and to comment on them, unless you were searching for a “healthy” way to start tanning again, rendering your entire “la-do-da, I’m better because my skin tone is natural now” mantra total bs?…

  2. I like my tanning bed. I like the comments I get about how healthy I look & I like getting relaxed by laying in a tanning bed. So this is not a bad thing to me. Be pale-to each their own!

  3. Yeah, you may like how you look now. But, just wait until you hit the “old age” of 30 and have crows feet, wrinkles, and you look 50. You won’t be so happy then.

    1. I have been tanning since my early 20s. I am now 50 and people think that my 30 year old daughter is my friend. I am constantly asked how I remain so youthful looking!!! The tanning beds and the sun are NOT your enemy as long as you do it in moderation.

        1. @ anonymous: wow do you have a nasty attitude! If you disapprove or dislike tanning, why don’t you find a blog that stands against tanning of any kind and enjoy the self validation over there.

        2. wow your judgmental…over a little spray tan? Does it really mean this much to you that a bunch of you are on here telling people their going to look old and wrinkled and get cancer? This ad is for a spray tan, no sun, no sun damage, just a kissed glow. Nothing different than the tons of foundation and bronzer you probably slather on your pale sickly face. I can see if you wanted to comment on people that bake in the sun every day (at their own risk), or over use tanning beds. However, 2 or 3 five minute sessions weekly on a tanning bed is actually safe and gives you needed healthy “sunshine” dosage. Of course if people are over doing it , it is bad for you. Just like drinking or eating to much is also bad for you. But at least stick to the subject here Spray tans are NOT anything like a tanning bed. They have zero in common. Even the tanning time and color are different. They have also added moisturizers and skin conditioning to the spray. A lot of this technology has come a very long way from those old orange tans. I have perfect healthy skin, and spray tan just to have a little color. Stop your ignorant judging and obvious jealousy, you probably just can’t afford it. Boo hoo

          1. Awesome reply I am also 50 and have been tanning all of my life I love the feeling of the sun on my body. A day at the beach there is nothing better and during the winter I hop in the tanning bed I don’t care if someone’s bail I don’t care if someone’s dark I just know for me I prefer having a little bit of color I don’t know why people are so judgemental man boggles the mind

        3. If anything is causing skin cancers etc. Its the carcinogenic sunscreen. The sun is good for you. Wow. Youre stressful

      1. I have been uv bed tanning since I was 15, and I’m 45 now. When I get facials I am told my skin is healthy and young looking. Oh and btw, I grew up in the dessert where there was plenty of natural sun which I avoided by using sunblock. Simply put, I found it difficult to predict exactly how long I would be exposed to the sun – while I could carefully control my time in a UV bed. The only area with wrinkles is my chest, directly below my neck. A dermatologist told me this is fairly unavoidable as we age – so I’m not worried that it’s a sign excessive skin damage. I believe it’s just heredity.


      2. Same with me…I’m 41 and people think I’m in my 20’s because I’ve always used spray tanning beds or air brushed tabs verses UV tanning beds which are known to cause cancer and age your skin. It’s like cigarettes! I can’t believe in this day and age with all the knowledge and education people have one things that are damaging to their bodies they still don’t care.
        Although, wasn’t this blog supposed to be about “Versa vs Norvelle?” I would still like to know if anyone prefers one over the other and why?
        Thanks beauties! ?

    1. i absolutely agree! i work at a Glow Sunless spa that has just opened and features the VersaSpa tanning booth,, ive never gotten a tan that looks so natural, i have very pale skin and laying in the sun is definately not how i want to spend my days when i’m just going to get burnt anyway,, the VersaSpa is incredible and looks great too !

  4. Thanks a lot for this exclusive post. I personally agree that Spray Tanning is far better than other available tanning options only if the tanning products are organic and safe for the skin. Choosing the right tanning solution and the color tone is an art that can be well performed by the professionals only. We should take great care of this because our skin is very sensitive.

  5. its not the fact of people giving off this fake bake look. Its the fact that most of us don’t like being pale all the time. I like that I can go and get a tan before a vacation or a big event for my husbands work. I cannot be in the sun at all. So having the option to be tan without the sun, well its worth every penny!!!!!

  6. I used versa spa just before heading to the beach. It was my first try and the girl showing me had never used it herself. I learned to apply the barrier cream more liberally however I did get a very nice tan, streak free and no problems. I did go for the lightest, being that I have pale skin to begin with, it seemed a bit dark the first day but after a shower and a layer of lotion was perfect for my week at the beach.

    Note: I did stand in front of their extra fan for about another 10 minutes AFTER the versa spa’s drier, to insure that I was completely dry. I also did not use a towel to dry off – even on my arms, which I do not shave/wax.

  7. There is a learning curve to both systems, to make it actually look somewhat natural and to get sprayed evenly. I use versa instead of mystic because

    a) you cant help but breathe the mystic tan mist in when you’re in the booth

    b) mystic tan= more orangish color

    c) versa drys you off, mystic doesn’t (unless they’ve changed that in the past year)

  8. Versa is so great. i just got back from getting it done and im in love. i will never damage my skin again by sitting outside in the sun or going in a tanning bed its so great. i needed color for my dance thats tomorrow and im very happy 🙂

  9. I love Versaspa! As it gets closer to summer I will do a bed every once in a while but from now on I will Versaspa!! Tanning beds arre definutely more relaxing and comfortable, but I get great results on my white freckled skin from Versaspa 🙂 Definutely worth it!

  10. Mystic tan left me with no color at all, I hated the totally enclosed booth and the ventilation system which was none. Versa Spa is the golden standard for tanning. It might cost a few dollars more, but the results are outstanding. Try it once and you’ll see the difference between the two systems immediately. There is NO comparison between mystic tan and Versa Spa because Versa Spa is in a league of its own!

  11. Versa spa is the best!! I was so disappointed in Mystic after doing the versa first. The Mystic was very quick but I had really bad streaks and my tan was more orange. It is so bad I’m calling to see if I can get my money back.

    The versa is more difficult b/c you have a couple of additional poses but that is what gives you the even coverage. After you do it once it’s not so bad and the machine tells you what to do. I absolutely loved the even coverage with versa! I had no streaks at all!!

    Trust me, don’t bother with Mystic, it’s horrible. Versa spa is the BEST!!!!!

  12. Versa spa is the best!! I was so disappointed in Mystic after doing the versa first. The Mystic was very quick but I had really bad streaks and my tan was more orange. It is so bad I’m calling to see if I can get my money back.

    The versa is more difficult b/c you have a couple of additional poses but that is what gives you the even coverage. After you do it once it’s not so bad and the machine tells you what to do. I absolutely loved the even coverage with versa! I had no streaks at all!!

    Trust me, don’t bother with Mystic, it’s horrible. Versa spa is the BEST!!!!!

  13. Okay, so I was VERY skeptic about this. I just tried it and it was amazing! I was afraid of the orange, but I turned out to be natural looking and it’s beautiful! Thank’s Versa Spa!

  14. I have been tanning for like 5 years in a tanning bed. I went to the skin dr and he said that tanning beds are so bad for your skin and make you age worse than smoking. He said that spray tans are not harmful to your skin at all and add moisture… I tryed the versa spa today and i LOVE it!!! No streaks at all!

  15. I’ve always wanted to try sunless tanning but I’ve always been afraid of streaks and having an orange appearance. I tried the VersaSpa tonight and so far so good. I work in a Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthetics office so I always hear grief about skin cancer when I go to the tanning bed. It’s nice to have an alternative that doesn’t bake you.

  16. Veraspa is wonderful! I go for the medium/clear color with the moisturizer option at the end. When you first get out, you won’t really see any color, but over the next 6 hours or so, the color starts to come in and it is beautiful! Don’t take a shower until the next day, it helps ‘stick’ better. I also splurged for the skincare system; I’ve only used it once, but it makes my skin feel great. If you can’t get in the sun or don’t want to this is a wonderful solution. I feel so good because the color is just enough to make me look healthy. It isn’t about impressing others or faking people out to think I’m tan; it’s about feeling good about myself. I highly recommend it!

  17. i just tried the versa spray, ive never tried any spray tans before.. i heard the mystic leaves you orange.. so i decided to try the versa spa spray tann and a half hour after the process i was already tan, i walked in the door when i got home and my family already said i looked tan.. i love it !!

  18. so i did the versa spa the first time today after doing mystic for years… and let me tell you! whoa! i will never do the mystic again… mystic smells bad it doesnt dry you off and u have no option but to breathe in the mystic which is horrible if you do the level 3 in mystic you are soeaked and so are your clothes ! versa spa sprays just enough so your skin is not soaked its a mist not a shower… il oved it ! it smells great.. there is also a clear version without bronze but sincei like to look tan right away the bronze option is for me 🙂 i luved it!


  19. I’ve been doing Versa for over a year and love it. Years ago I tried Mystic and there were just too many things to worry about – barrier cream, toweling off, feeling sticky etc. I have perfected Versa to the point that the only barrier cream I use is a little on my palms and a tiny amount on the tops of my hands. That’s IT! I also no longer do the prep in the beginning – you know, that light moisturizer spray or whatever it is. It always made me feel a little sticky and I have noticed zero difference in how long my tan lasts or the quality of my skin once I started skipping it. (Also saves $$ as it costs $5 per session extra.) I know every person’s skin is different so what works for me may not work for everyone but I gotta tell you – Versa is fantastic. Almost as good as a custom spray tan and a MUCH better value in my opinion if you like to stay tan all year round.

  20. The fact that you are all employed by Versa and therefore biased in your reviews is obvious. I’ve been doing Mystic for about 4 months (don’t work for them) and have not had any of the so called problems you all have made up. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve to both systems but I’ve never had any streaking, no orange color (and I’m super fair), and I don’t need to “towel off” after as the system dries me just fine. There is a very faint smell after but its usually gone in a couple of hours (unless I put my nose right on my skin – and who does that?) Where do you people get this stuff (you should call this site “BeautyBiased” or “Paid For My Endorsement”)? If its good enough for the Denver Broncos and Nuggets cheerleaders (never seen any orange ones) then I think its good for the rest of us!

    1. Okay, I do not work for Versa or any other tan place or tan systems. I was doing Mystic Tans and paying 35.00 for one tan and then having to pay extra 7 dollars for the Hypertan so it wouldn’t turn orange just gets too expensive. The one time I didn’t buy it I was dayglo orange and it faded irregularly, like I had freckles everywhere. I had exfoliated before going, too, and I have olive skin with some natural color from being out in the sun. I just had my first Versa and don’t know what the full color is going to look like when it’s fully developed, but I could breathe better through this process with the door open and it doesn’t stink like Mystic. I have even purchased the scent and it did no good with the Mystic- ir just stinks and you smell like that for the four hours you cannot shower. So far I like the color that has developed and don’t see a cast of orange.

  21. I can assure you I am not employed by anyone in the tanning industry, and I am a big Versa fan. I have tried the Mystic and the Versa, and I have to agree with most comments on here that are negativ in regards to the Mystic. The breathing problem in the booth, the mad dash to dry yourself off so that you don’t streak (which I have never quite accomplished), and the smell. Versa has none of these problems. You can breathe easily in booth, you don’t have to dry off, it’s awesome. I agree that the prep and moisturizer are not necessary, I have never noticed a difference. I reccomend the clear medium color. I am really pale, and I can get a little color from tanning in a bed, but it takes months. With Versa I am ready to go after an overnight wait. ( I shower the next day, it helps to stay on better) My only negative comments would be that you have to be in the booth a little longer than Mystic, but we are talking minutes…and I have the same problem with bot the mystic and the Versa, but if you are in the water a lot at the lake or ocean then the color will fade a lot quicker. I would say it lasts 4-6 days for me.

  22. I used to tan all the time until my mom and sister got skin cancer–and they don’t even tan! So the only option I have is sunless tanning. I have used both the mystic and versa. I agree–the mystic is pretty bad. I always had to “psych myself up” to press the button because it was so loud and you couldn’t breathe. Not so with the versa. I will say, I still think it smells bad but it’s bearable. And in my opinion, totally worth it for a glowing, bronze tan.

  23. I used to work in a tanning salon where we had the mystic booth. The problem isn’t with the mystic tan it’s a beautiful color.. The problem is with the salon owners. The buy the generic solution spray to put in it and yes it will streak and turn you orange or not get any color at all. I suggest to ask if the use the real Mystic Solution first.

  24. i loooove the versa! it’s way more “brown” than mystic and you don’t feel like you have to hold your breath the entire time. as with any sunless tanning you should always towel off afterwards to prevent streaking…

  25. You all have just made my day. I used to get Mystic Tan and I was pretty pleased with it, but I recently moved to a small town with few tanning options, but they have VersaSpa. So, I came here to check out if it’s going to turn me orange! You’re all saying it’s better than Mystic! I can’t wait!

  26. tried versa for the first time last week and i have to say that its amazing. you dont look orange and you dont have to worry about the uv rays.

  27. Versa is a nice machine if you are looking for a moisturizer.

    But, the new red and white Mystic Tan with the individual bottles that can be customized for any skintone are amazing! And the new mystic tan has HEAT!It is really nice and warm. The Versa girl said it had a heater but it is just a little box. The Mystic was WARM! I used to use it and I was sticky the new tans are NOT sticky and the color is sooooooo awesome! It is also not cloudy or foggy anymore. I saved the best for last. My Versa tan never lasts for longer than 3 or 4 days and I pay a lot for that tan. When I tried the new Mystic it lasted 8 DAYS!!!!! Mystic Tan got it right…better tan for my money.

  28. I used Mystic Tan for several years (older and newer systems/formulas). I did this for years…until last year. I absolutely hated the time I had to take to use barrier cream on so many areas and the additional drying time. BUT it was a safe alternative to have *tan* skin. Last year my *tan* salon switched to Versa and I was skeptical. I knew Mystic’s results, knew the whole process, and had finally perfected how to get the color I want w/o turning too orange. (Yes, I agree w/ most on here that this is a HUGE disadvantage for Mystic, as well as streaking.) From the first time trying Versa I have NEVER turned anything close to a shade of orange; and I too discontinued using the moisturizer. I am completely satisfied with the results of Versa vs. Mystic. I just wish my salon had switched to them sooner!

  29. Could anyone please comment on

    1) How long the Vera tan lasts (generally speaking)

    2) How does it look while it’s fading?

    With mystic, i noticed that it faded REALLY unevenly, so a couple days with a nice tan was not worth the 4 to 5 days of streaky fading that followed.

  30. I just recently became hooked on Versa spa. I have gone twice and plan to go 4 more times. The first time I went it lasted about a week, but when I went a week after it seemed like the second time lasted longer since I was more comfortable with the system. It fades perfectly I had no streaks or weird uneven spots at all! I highly recommend Versa Spa to all of my friends. Also the second time I went I waited almost ten hours until I showered the first time which might have added to why it lasted longer. They tell you to wait at least 3 hours, but it’s true that the longer you wait the darker you get and longer it lasts.

  31. I agree. For me, I am pale as well and have skin cancer in my family. But I like having some color. It has nothing to do with fooling people. Its just MY preference for myself. And I go tanning now in the bed but I am excited to try the versa spa so that maybe i wont have to use the risky bed anymore. But I do it for me, not anyone else.

  32. I used mystic tan for a few months and wasnt really thrilled with it but I figured it was a better alternative then beds. I didnt have problem with streaking or coming off evenly. You just need to dry off and exfoliate properly.I just wanted to find something with better color. I finally decided to versa and there is no comparison. Versa’s is way more natural and brown. It seems on average it is like 30% more expensive. Atleast around were I live. But is very worth it.

  33. I baked daily from age 19-25. I dont’ get in the sun much now, but the tanning bed never did me wrong. I am 36 with no wrinkles.

  34. I have only done the spray tan that’s done by a person, using Norvell Sun Products. I really love it, but I’m back in Wisconsin now and I can’t find the Norvell hand spray tanning salons. I did it in Florida, but I can’t find it here. When someone does it by hand, you can have your sides resprayed, for that darker, more slimming look. I love that. I’m sure I can’t do that with the Versa tan, which is all I can find in my area. I’m trying the Versa spray tan tomorrow, and I hope it’s not at all orange…sounds like everyone in this forum likes the Versa…so no one has turned orange? Really?

  35. I used Versa spa for the first time at the end of the summer last year, before going to the beach. I have used mystic in the past and I have to say Versa was soooo much better. I did not have an awful smell; in fact I went out that night after having it done with out showering. I could have never done that with mystic. The color lasted so much longer and faded off evenly. I will be using Versa all summer long this year. Love it Love it.

  36. What is this prep that everyone talks about? I did the Versa Spa the other day (first time ever to do a spray tan) and it was never offered to me. I just went through the poses in 4 cycles, and I did take the moisturizer afterwards.

    What I want to know is… No one at the salon offered me home care products for my tan, and I didn’t buy any. So far I haven’t done anything except regular baths and showers.

    Can I use regular stuff on my Versa tan? I mean… something like regular Nivea, or Jergens (not the glow!)?

    Will that make my tan last longer or the opposite? I have not been using anything because I love my tan (I finally got one, woohoo!!!! *lol* can you tell I’m happy??) and will not do anything that jeopardizes it!

    Please respond….?

  37. I just did the level 2 clear versaspa yesterday and it took about 4-5 hours to develop the color and it looks great today! It’s color is beautiful and tropical looking, not fake at all. I hope it lasts atleast 5-7 days!

  38. I just tried Versa spa for the first time today and I really liked it. There was a little bit of spottiness but it honestly just looks like freckles which makes it look even more natural. My stomach came out a nice colour and my legs and arms were a little bit lighter… I might try level 2 next time.

  39. I personally like Mystic better. I’ve used Mystic HD, don’t know if this makes any difference, never used a regular Mystic. This makes you do 4 poses and you simply wipe off and get dressed. There is no smell, etc. I’ve also used Versa and feel like it came out more streaky. I personally do not like the open format of the Versa but I know some people prefer it. I also found that the Versa gave off a somewhat dirty look. I am a 24 year old female who occasionally UV tans and am a Level 3 Skin Type. I just prefer “fake tanning” for health reasons, and I also have several tattoos that I don’t want to be ruined from UV Rays. In the end my conclusion is I would rather use self tanner in the long run to obtain my tan at home since the upkeep of BOTH Versa and Mystic are expensive. I hear that Clarins makes a gel that you can apply once a week and the DHA appears over 12 hours and lasts about a week similar to the booth.

  40. I just got back from my third experience with Versa Spa, and I am hooked! I love how it makes me look and feel. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve (it took me having funky colored thumbs the first time to get it down – now I’m putting a lot of barrier cream on my fingers AND washing/wiping them off when done), but the tan looks so natural! I went into work and a friend of mine asked if I’d ‘gotten a little sun’ and I was thrilled! I’ve done airbrush tanning and it looked disgusting the first day, nice for a day, and then flaked off like I was molting or something. This fades much more naturally over 4 or 5 days, as long as you KEEP MOISTURIZING! Obviously, wait a day/8 hours before you shower or moisturize, but after that moisturize as much as possible (at least morning and night, and use a moisturizing body wash in the shower). I use a natural, unscented lotion too because I’m convinced that the oils used in scented lotions can’t be good for the tan. ANYWAY – if you want to look and feel awesome, Versa Spa is the way to go!

  41. i used a versa spa for the first time about a month ago and I LOVED IT!!!!! i am really pale so i only got level two but it was awesome I got a ton of compliments at church the next day

  42. I tried Versa Spa after seeing how natural my Aunt’s looked. Mine looks real enough that people ask me if I’m scared of getting skin cancer. My only complaint is with the mechanics of the machine. Once it didn’t get dark like it usually does and when I complained they told me the spray might have been low that day, but assured me they had just refilled it. No offer of a refund. If it is too low to work shouldn’t they automatically refill it? The next time I went in, got naked, put on the cream, hairnet, and it just sprayed air at me. I had to get dressed to go out and tell the girl, and it to 15 minutes to get it working. I love the results when it works correctly, but after my sessions run out, I may consider something else.

  43. What I was told (by a store that had both and were both the same price) is that Versa is for caucasian (lighter) skin and has “pink-y” undertones where as the mystic tan is more “brown/yellow” which might be why people are saying they look “orange”. I tried it a week ago and my skin is a glowing color! It really is amazing. Its the solution they use that is the difference – NOT in the way the solution is sprayed/applied. If you want to look like you’ve been tan for month then go with mystic and if you want a tan that looks “new” go with Versa. If you have natural “olive” undertones (mediterranean heritage) then maaaybe go with Mystic but otherwise I’d recommend versa. But certainly ask the professional at the salon. The color difference of Versa truly is stunning! I have never looked so good. (I used the medium setting, no bronzer)

  44. I have done both the Mystic and the Versa Spa and I like the Versa Spa better. I had pretty good experiences with the Mystic other than a few minor things. It did stain one of my white t-shirts, which I was a little unhappy about. The other thing was that I could never get my feet and hands to look right. But other than that I enjoyed the Mystic. It didn’t look streaky at all and I have used the Mystic a number of times. If you do get streaky, you may want to mention it to the owner of the salon. The first time I went into the Mystic not only did I feel streaky but I felt like I didn’t get much color. I mentioned it to the owner and it ended up that they needed maintenance done on the booth and she gave me 2 free spray tans as an apology. I never had a problem with it again after that first time. They have also made some upgrades to it so you can now get a scented spray. My favorite is the Lime in the Coconut. It definitely beats the weird smell that it used to leave. I just did the Versa Spa for the first time the other day and I am pretty impressed with the results. The color looks way more natural than the Mystic and it won’t stain anything of mine because it’s an all natural solution. I would recommend either of these treatments to anyone. The Versa Spa is definitely a more natural looking tan but if you only have access to a Mystic it is good too.

  45. After giving up tanning in January after almost ten years, I walked into my old tanning salon in dire need of a mystic tan. The guy laughed at me and said its been gone for awhile. Versa Spa was the new spray tanning device and he showed me the poses and I pressed the button and was impressed!

    It gave my pale skin a great color for my best friends wedding tomorrow-sans streaking, even by the rough spots around my fingernails! It didn’t smell funny, and my clothes were un -browned. Also, I didn’t feel like I was suffocating under the noxious mystic air.

  46. I’ve been trying to find the perfect tan for years and got a pretty nice thing going with regular visits to the UV ray beds until skin cancer hit. After having a hunk cut out of my chest and remembering my bad experience with Mystic Tan I figured the best I could do was self-tanner (The Hamptons looks good). Then Versa-Spa (Called Zoom Tan here) came to town and I feel like I have finally found the best available now. The Zoom Tan does freckle my hands if I use the spray with bronzer so I usually get the clear solution. I don’t use the pre-post tan sprays since they don’t seem to help.

    I always use a nylon scrub puff in the shower so my skin doesn’t need the extra exfoliation reccomended.

    I am always interested in making the tan last longer since getting to the salon twice a week is a pain so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted:)

  47. Well, you all have me convinced that I’m going to like Versa Spa. My first time is today, so I’m anxious to see how it does!

  48. I’m back from my first session, and I really liked it!

    The comments are correct in that it doesn’t have such a bad smell afterwards like Mystic did. The color is already developing! (I got the level 2 – Medium).

    I believe I will be going back for more depending on how long it lasts. 🙂

  49. I have been spray tanning for so long now it is seriously my best kept secret. I think it’s sad that spray tanning is viewed as such a negative thing — shows like Jersey Shore feature orange girls who have overdone it. But if you do the Versa Spa in the medium color twice a week, you are good to go. You’ll have a natural looking tan and it’ll look perfect. The best part about the Versa is the fact that you can also do your face only, so if your tan gets washed off too quickly on your face because of scrubbing off makeup, you don’t have to re-do your entire body… you can just get a quick touch up. The booth is comfortable and you feel safe, and most salons also play hit songs on speakers in each room. Getting a spray tan is something you will not regret… if you use the Versa. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    1. Thank – You for the comment you posted. I’m going to try Versa Spa Tan for the first time tomorrow and was wondering if I should ….having olive complexion and kinda light skinned…try the darkest , so that it will last for at least 6 days. And what advise do you have for me that I should know…like should I pay extra for something in addition to the Groupon $10 one time spray tan they’ve offered? Is there any other spray tan besides Mystic and Versa Spa tan? What is airbrush tanning?

      1. Ok, I just did Versa spa tan again for the first time in years and it was awful! All spotty and weird, don’t get the darkest!

  50. The spray less tan dried my skin out. I’ve had to scrub and use shea butter for a few days and it still burns a little. I did about 4 or 5 sessions once a week. I’m going in to talk to the manager tomorrow to find out why me skin started to sting and felt like leather.

    Has anyone else had that problem. My once very smooth soft skin looks like it has crinkles in it.

  51. I’ve never got a spray tan and I think today I’m going to try Versa Spa. I’m a little nervous because 99 percent of the people I know that went for spray tans are orange, streaky, and their hands and feet look horrible. I naturally have an olive complexion, but when I’m not tan I feel I look yellowish. I’m tired of going in the tanning beds 3, 4 times a week and only get so dark while spending so much money. I hope the Versa Spa is as good as most of you say it is. Does any one have any comments about how your feet and hands come out?

  52. I love the versa spa, as being a mystic customer for many years, it was messy, wasted way too much product, and the after smell was horrible not mentioning the streaks it left on my hands and legs.. ew.. after trying the versa spa i am a believer, its a light mist barely any smell and u can choose to do clear, also i believe it last much longer than mystic, also ive noticed it fades alot more natural than mystic leaving youblotchy

  53. Fake tanning does not damage your skin. I have only spray tanned with the versaspa and it is the only spray tanning booth i will use. I’m sorry, but that put the mystic to shame. I try it in fort greene tanning salon in Brooklyn,NY and the tanning solarium is called park slope tanning salon & Airbrush tanning.

    You can tan just your face or spray tan your whole body. Open concept design says it all. Cheapest spray tanning I’ve got in Brooklyn.

  54. I bought a groupon for the VersaSpa and used the first session over the weekend. I was darker the first day. By the second day it had already started to fade and either I did something wrong (standing and turning wise) or it didn’t spray me right, because only half of my legs got the tan and my thighs have white streaks across them. I have one session left for the VersaSpa and i’m going to use it since i paid for it. If I get the same results I’m going to try the Mystic.
    This is the first time doing all of this. I’m pasty white and all I do is burn in the sun. I want to have color but if I spend my money on something that doesn’t want to work for me I’m not even going to bother. Any suggestions on how to keep it for longer than a day apparently? My friend said to make sure I exfoliate like crazy.

  55. I had my FIRST visit at Sun Tan City yesterday for VersaSpa. I showered, exfoliated, and no lotions before going. After talking to several people at the salon they all suggested the “clear medium”, instead of the “tinted dark”, that I wanted to get. So I took their advice & got clear medium. It has been 26 hours and I still have NO tan. I wore a thong bikini in the booth, and don’t even have a tan line. The bottoms of my feet are “dark brown” even thought I applied the lotion they told me to put on them before the tanning session. The tops of my hands are slightly brown and I have a few blotchy looking spots on me as if I had used a “rub on tan” and was on about the 5th day of it wearing off. I look horrible. I went back today to ask them if THIS was what I was supposed to look like. AND that when I called the “office” today they told me to tell them to “check their solution” before I go into the booth and that they would give me a FREE session. The girl at the salon had no answers as to why I did not tan, and said she could see a “little” difference and that maybe I should go “dark tinted”. I told her that is what I wanted to do to start with. She said some people’s skin just doesn’t absorb the solution. Although the “office” had told me they had only heard of this happening TWICE and she had worked there for 6 years. Today they told me to go home and shower “exfoliate” again and maybe come back later tonight if I wanted to, BUT could not give me any answers as to whether it was SAFE to be sprayed with these chemicals two days in a row. At this point I am disheartened and disgusted with their “uncaring” attitude at the salon, I may never go back!!

    1. I had the same problem this past weekend! I am very pale and got the versa spray tan, medium clear, Friday and you couldn’t tell I had done a thing! So I went back sat and they gave me another free spray and told me to use Med bronzer, and it shows up instantly, then gets darker over the next 4-6 hours. It did show up better this time, but it’s been 2 days, and you really cant tell I had a spray tan. I am going back today and see what they suggest. I dont understand why it’s not showing up well on me and not lasting long. I guess I’ll just see what they say.

  56. I got my first versa spa tan this afternoon & so far, I’m loving it. I’m a fairly pale redhead with lots of freckles (I’m more pink toned than just your standard pale toned skin). I went with a level 2 with the clear primer. It’s been about 3.5 hours & i can already see a difference….the tan looks gorgeous. I did a lot of research before I went for the tan & the reviews I’ve read are all pretty accurate. No streaking thus far & the color is developing slowly & evenly. It does have a slight scent to it- I would compare it to the smell of any at home sunless tanner. All in all- highly recommended. If you live in Wisconsin near the Milwaukee area, I would recommend Skin Deep in Grafton. The girl at the front desk was super nice & very helpful. Plus, they run some pretty good specials. I got 2 spray tans including primer for $22. Usually the tans run about $25, so I was pretty happy 🙂

    1. How long does the Versa Spa tan last if I get it done tomorrow and shower on a daily basis? In other words, will it last for at least a week if I don’t go in a pool ( or any body of water -except showering – ofcourse ). Your comment was much helpful and clear to the point . Just need to know how I can make it last for at least a week. Should I go for the darkest option since my complexion is somewhat light but Olive.

  57. I used to do Mystic before the Veraspa. I didn’t mind all of the suffocation and inhaling from the Mystic experience just because I was already used to it. That being said I believe for the noobs out there that don’t spray tan much or are new to the experience-I would go with the Veraspa which is less inclined to leave you streaking like the Mystic and less annoying. Both can be streaky, it just depends on how exfoliated/conditon/prepped your skin is. Before spray tanning I plan ahead and use an exfoliated based lotion with glycolic acid in it for a week so that when you go in to get sprayed you don’t have to do all of those rushed steps beforehand. Just a quick shower before you go-dont put on anything lotion wise on face or body-afterwards go home and relax-don’t sweat and don’t get wet from water in anyway for like half the day so it can absorb and work. I don’t even buy or use their primer prep. I used the clear 2 solution-I am asian light yellow skin tone and my tan is fabulous with no streaking, beautiful even. I am very impressed with Veraspa. They blow dry you before you get outta the booth and you come out dry as opposed to a drippy leaky mess with the Mystic and having to pat towel dry yourself off-accompanied by streaks later…So Veraspa is better-color is beautiful and glowing and yes looks more brown. I am really pale asian skinned tone and my BF said I am a little too brown looking so next time I go in I’m gonna do the level 1 and see how that looks. He prefers me not to do it at all but I love my Glow and sometimes I hate being so Princess Pasty and so It makes me happy to get my spray tans cause I won’t bake in the sun-don’t want wrinkles or sun spots! I also do a high protien/low carb diet so my tan is much richer and last longer from the amino acids yay! definately Veraspa-

  58. Thank you for the reviews! I will be trying Versa spa tomorrow!
    I have tried Mystic Tan and hated it. It gave me color(slightly orange) but was very streaky and spotty on the crease on my arms and on my cleavage! Also didnt last very long.

  59. I just tried the Versa Spa for the first time a few days ago. It was a wonderful experience. Although I admit I’m not sure I did the “walk like egyptian” moves right. I am fair skinned with freckles and opted for the clear medium. The color is absolutely perfect. A few things I noted to try next time:

    1) Apply barrier cream accurately around cuticles was difficult. I felt like I might get too much on my fingers. I think a disposable pastry bag with a small opening at the end would be perfect to apply to just the cuticles on my nails and toes.

    2) I used the booties to cover up just the tips of my toes. My experience has always been streaky tail tell signs of a fake tan on the toes. This worked well but I think bringing a clothes pin to secure the booties in place would work well.

    I did notice that booth doesn’t get you tan under your arms. You can buy a product that Versa sells called 360 which you can apply to “missed” areas. I’m going to try that tonight to see if I can even out those minimal ares.

    Overall I am very impressed with this service.

  60. I just purchased versa spa tan from Groupon …great special deal for only $10 dollars and didn’t or don’t know if that includes the added sprays/ creams / touches that are an option going to be included with the $10 deal of one time spray. So, I guess my question is…since I’m light but Olive in complexion, should I go for the darkest to have it remain on my body longer? I’m going on vacation on Thursday and was wondering if I shower the next day, will the color remain for at least four days ( assuming I only take a shower on a daily basis )? Please advise. Thank -You.

  61. I used VersaSpa for the 1st time yesterday – AMAZING!! I grew-up by the ocean, so tanned all summer for MANY years. My oldest sister, my mom & my husband (& a boyfriend from H.S.) have all had some form of skin cancer (some worse than others), but cancer is cancer, & skin cancer can kill. Through my 42 years of life, I have tried tanning beds (prefer stand-up), self-tanning lotions, self-tanning towels (I’ve spent $ on good products like Kate Somerville), w/increased research & MAJORLY decreased (finally none) real sun exposure in the last few years due to proof that tanning is harmful & that those results will start to show in your late 30’s/early 40’s & increasing over time. SO, having tried Mystic & VersaSpa (& real sun), hands-down VersaSpa is the BEST! Mystic: enclosed booth, harmful ingredients breathed-in, wet, streaky, orange-brown, wears-off poorly/splotchy (u look dirty), horrible smell (I think I remember that personal things had to be inside the booth, as the booth was not in a private room). VersaSpa: open booth in a private room, machine gives directions, fast, thorough, better for your skin (a different, better-for-your-skin DHA than Mystic & other), dries (almost completely – MUCH better than Mystic’s soaking wet & streaky results), MUCH better smelling (barely any smell & what there is is barely noticeable & not bad – my hubby commented “doesn’t smell”), MUCH MORE NATURAL & tan/brown results that u see a little as soon as u r done, & that develops over the next several hours (yes, longer u leave it on & wait to shower, the better) 🙂
    Re: the prep spray &/or products: where I went did not yet have the prep level programmed into their VersaSpa booth, they r getting it shortly. I was shown pre- & post- lotions/moisturizers that r specifically for spray tans – not crazy expensive (like the products for the beds/stand-ups) – the pre- (equivalent to the prep spray) moisturizes your skin so it isn’t dry or have dry patches, so the color takes better & more evenly. The post- is for after your shower @ home to keep u moisturized, as I have learned over time that moisturized skin keeps its color longer, as self-tanners’/sprays’ products r on the top leyer(s) of skin, & the skin will slough-off less evenly & quicker when dry). The post- also has some natural something to it like the Nivea natural glow stuff. There is a shower gel/lotion for spray tans, also. The spray tan products don’t have ingredients to strip your skin & color (ie: shampoos/conditioners w/out sulfates, which helps haircolor last longer).
    I have only had the tan for a day, but so far, VersaSpa looks, feels & smells better, the process & products make sense, & lots of reviews not on VersaSpa sites r all great 🙂 I’m sold! 😀

  62. I have always been terrified of spray tan’s because ive seen the bad results… I tried versa spa for the first time and I LOVED it. I had a base tan already but wasn’t dark. I got the level two and it looked great. It was very natural and no one knew it was a spray tan. The only thing that didn’t look good was my hands. For some reason they had little spray tan “freckles” on them and looked very strange. I’m going to try gently rubbing in the tan only on my hands and maybe standing closer next time and see if that helps. Also my toes were very very dark and looked weird so I have to moisturize more before and use more barrier cream. Everything else looked gorgeous and I would highly recommend the versa spa!!!!!!!

  63. I am VERY pale and do not tan at all. I try very hard to keep my skin from exposure to the sun, particulary my face that tends to spot and freckle. Needless to say I have tried tons of at home tanning products but decided to treat myself this year to spray tan booth. My neighbor recommended Versa Spa since according to her Mystic Tan left her orange. So I found a Groupon and off I went. First time, level one clear. Not bad but legs came out a little lighter, probably since I had some natural tan on my arms just from every day exposure. Anyway, next time at the techs recommendation tried level one bronze. Instant color and I got better at my turning and posing. Not thrilled with the bronze, looked ok at first but by morning was nasty. Couldnt’ wait to wash it off! I dont really see the purpose of the bronzer. Next time I am going for level 2 clear. I also use a other drug store products to enhance and extend my Versa Spa, seems to work just fine with other products. I preferred a little Banana Boat Summer Color for its darkness on my legs and arms.

  64. I used to be an avid Versa user, but then VersaSpa bought out Mystic tan (now called MyMyst) and I’ve completely converted. The formula had been completely changed and not only do I get just as natural looking color as I did with the Versa, but it lasts significantly longer, is more customizable and the HD booth even warms up the spray and dries you so much better than the Versa. The only downside is that it takes a few minutes longer but it is completely worth it.
    If you haven’t tried to new MyMyst, DO IT! Versa is great, but I’ll never go back!

  65. Hello,
    I am from Australia and have a salon here.
    I was looking at buying a Mymist Mystic Tan booth with out the heater and dryer option for my salon or the New Versa Spa.
    The Mystic is only a third of the price.
    I am so confused and was wondering is it worth paying the extra for my business and getting the versa spa?
    Any comments would be appreciated.

  66. I have been a Mystic Tan and Versa user for years. Pale, pale, pale!! I am one that thinks that Versa does smell. Anyone have a trick they use to diminish or get rid of the smell? I Versa practically every other day to keep it up…that’s a lot of smelly nights! 🙂

  67. I hate being pale and I will never do tanning beds again..I want to try the Versa spa but I imagine they are quite spendy? How much is each session? Or do you pay monthly?

    1. I pay monthly for unlimited use of bed, spa and spray $99 with no contract. My Salon breakdown for unlimited is $59 in one catagory then you can add each other catagory for $20 more. So if I only wanted spa and spray it would be $79. I spray and bed tan about 4-5 times a month and use at least 2 spa treatments every week. I dont know prices for each spray tan or groups on tan, but it is exspensive.

  68. I go to a salon that I have unlimited use so cost doesnt matter in my opinion here just time. I usually use beauty angel and also a hydration before I spray tan. I bed tan about once a week in a high power bed which is a little bit less damaging as the lower type beds (still bad, I know). Ive used mystic and added a bronzer… the first time I used it I thought I looked orange, I think just cause it gave me such sudden color. I then went down to a glo with bronzer and I was satisfied (no streaking after a shower). I then went to another location where they had Versa Spa… tried it with a bronzer and fell in love with it. I prefere the color I get with Versa, the smell is better (still a little) and then ventilation is open unlike mystic. I just started using the versa extender and for some reason (maybe in my head) I noticed it doesnt last as long… I usually can pull off a Versa over a week, of course with fading. All in all, I like Versa much better. I did recently visit the salon that is closer to me and got a mystic, it looks good. No matter which bed, I always use some type of machine that vibrates to get my blood flowing before spray tanning… Ive heard that it works better, not sure if this is true… but I believe it LOL Its worth the extra 10 min. drive for me to get VersaSpa. Good luck!

  69. I have been spray tanning for a while now and I used to love the Versa Spa and felt my tan was very even. Now my tanning salon put in the Pura equipment and it is the WORST spray tan experience ever. Its very uneven and I have to scrape my tan off every time in order to even off certain areas like on my legs. I wish they would go back to the Versa!

  70. I have been a regular tanning bed user for years. When I was pregnant, I decided to try the mystic and it was terrible! My entire chest blotched horribly after I showered. So, I just left spray tanning alone. I still tan, but decided the other day to try the versa, and I’m amazed! For people who tan, I recommend getting a base tan in a bed first, and using it with the versa. Tanning bed once a week, plus versa is gorgeous!

  71. Be nice if we could all accept our natural skin color. Dark-skinned people get told they need to use whiteners and stay out of the sun, light-skinned people get told they have to fake bake or spend more time outside. Beauty comes in many colors!!

  72. I got a Versa spray tan today, and I have no color at all, I am very fair and this was my first spray tan. I did a clear 2 with prep, soooo disappointed. Going back tomorrow to see what happened.

  73. I have to go with the Mystic Tan. I just did the Versa , and, although it was a bit more high tech, it did NOT give me the beautiful tan thar the Mystic does. Plus, the Mystic stays on MUCH longer. I was mad at myself for even trying the Versa.