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The 10-Minute Skin Care Fix from Celebrity Esthetician, Renée Rouleau


Guest Blog By Renée Rouleau:

We’re all busy, our time is limited, yet we want our skin to look fabulous! Here are a few of my simple, fast skin care tips to get your skin glowing in no time!

Wear a ponytail – Pulling your hair back in a ponytail is a guaranteed way to instantly smooth lines and wrinkles. When the scalp is stretched back, it pulls the face back creating tighter and younger-looking skin.

Use a non-injectable filler – Hyaluronic Acid has long been a popular ingredient in skin care products for its deeply hydrating properties. This amazing ingredient has now been re-formulated (known as Hyaluronic Acid filling spheres) to resemble tiny micro sponges that when applied to the skin, expanding as it reacts with the skin’s own moisture to plump up wrinkled areas. After application, the results last for 10-12 hours. It’s a great alternative to expensive injections and fillers and gives immediate results. (Jump for more!)

Leave your toner damp – Using an alcohol-free toner after cleansing is a must to remove harsh chlorine and chemicals found in tap water that can dehydrate the skin. By leaving it damp and then immediately following with your moisturizer, it seals in all the hydrating properties from the toner to instantly plump the skin.

Exfoliate – There is no faster way to smooth the skin than using a mild facial scrub on both the face and neck. Massage over clean, damp skin in small circular motions without applying too much pressure. By removing dry cells, you instantly give a smaller-pored, smoother look to the skin. Note: Avoid facial scrubs that contain natural grains such as walnuts, apricot kernels or walnut husks. They have sharp edges which can lacerate the skin, causing bacteria to spread. Instead use a gentle scrub with perfectly round grains (like Polyethylene or micro beadlets) which roll across the skin.


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  1. Hi Renee

    I love your posts, as you clearly are a beauty expert I have a question regarding hair removal…..I have been having a full leg and brazilian hot wax since I was about 17 years old, my sister has now discovered a device called silky legs which they describe as all natural hair exfoliator (basically it is a rubber paddle that you stick what i can only describe as sand paper to then rub this paddle in clockwise and anticlockwise ways and voila your legs are smooth and hair free)!? Is this good for your skin….will it have the same effect as waxing in that your hair becomes more patchy and eventually disappears?

    Hope you can offer me the advice on the above as if this device is not detrimental to my skin it will save me lots of hairy days along with money as Hot waxing is quite pricey here in England!?


  2. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for your great posts on sunblock and anti-aging. It is almost the end of summer, I am sure we all can use some tips on how to get rid of sun spots…. do you have any advice? esp for those of us on budget? product or at-home treatment?

  3. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for all the tips. I was just wondering if you could recommend any specific Hyaluronic acids to try. I’ve been mulling over trying injectables but have been reticent to take the plunge. It would be great to get similar results without the needles.



  4. Hi Lottie,

    I’m not an expert at hair removal so can’t really comment. I think I heard someone talking about one of those and she said she liked it. As for the skin, it’s probably doing some good exfoliation.-Renee Rouleau