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Thudguard Protective Helmut

thudgear.jpgMy son has fallen on his head more times I can count. My friend’s husband, a doctor, assures me that the human head is made to hit hard things (protected by the skull). That is, unless, they hit it on the wrong spot. Like the time he was riding his little train around my bathroom floor, he was firmly strapped in so I thought he was safe. I didn’t count on him to topple over completely and fall over with a giant thud on the bathroom tile! I can still hear the sound in my head. And let’s not talk about the time at Laguna Beach when he ran into my friend’s house with wet feet and fell straight back and hit his head on the hard stone floor. I shudder at these memories! Get the Thudguard when your toddler is learning to walk, ride the bike, etc and avoid the drama of trauma.

The Thudguard Helmut has comfortable stretchy circumference band that allows for growth and holes for ventilation with adjustable soft elastic chinstrap. The ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam to absorb the severity of bumps and thuds and is made of ultra lightweight materials to avoid pressure on developing neck muscles. $39.95- order here.



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