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Best of Tot Snob: 2-Tier Babycakes Essentials


We all love cake but I think there are some new moms who would appreciate not having cake brought over for a while.  Although I loved (and devoured) the Sprinkles cupcakes my sister got for my second daughter’s baby shower, now looking at my rear and gut, this might have been a better option!  These amazingly beautiful cakes from Babycakes of Scottsdale are in fact new born essentials make into a cake!  The 2 Tier Girls Set is $350 and includes 1 Blanket, 12 Onesies, 6 Wash Cloths, 2 Sleepers, 12 Receiving Blankets, 1 Skull Cap and 6 Burp Cloths.  There is of course a boy set as well.  If you have someone REALLY special to shop for, the 3-Tier Girl Set  has 1 Sun Hat, 1 Cuddle Blanket, 3 Sleepers, 12 Onesies, 2 Dresses, 6 Wash Cloths, 2 Skull Caps, 6 Burp Cloths, 3 Pairs of Socks, 2 Pacifiers, 1 Pair of Booties and 12 Receiving Blankets for $415.  I know what you’re thinking, you are going to try to make this for your best friend or sister, right?  I think it is money well spent to just get the actual piece of art and spend your time fighting with those who want to take over the throwing of the shower with too many opinions.  You know what I’m talking about.



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