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Best of Tot Snob: Victorian Playhouse Fit for a Princess


Custom Victorian House by Alan Mowrer for $23,400

Just to answer your first question, YES, this is a playhouse, as in, for a child. The second answer to your questions is, no I would not spend this much money on a “toy” for my kids, I want this for MYSELF!! Look at this most exquisite, beautiful and quaint little retreat for good quality alone time. It is two stories, has a kitchen, full living room and has the option of cable, running water, electricity, central air and wireless communication system. Hello!! Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!!! Although my fantasy is to sit peacefully to read, catch up on Weeds or online shop in this house, the reality is that my 2 girls would be banging on the door wanting to evict me. Everything is customized by Alan Mowrer so you can really have anything you want. This house shown is $23,400 but is just an estimate. More details and ordering info at Posh Tots.



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