Boon Stash Organizer

boon stash organizer_amazon.jpg

I am not particularly organized (or at all!) so apparently this genetic trait got passed down. My tots’ arts and crafts table is pretty sad, they hardly have room to do anything. I’ve tried boxes, buckets, and special trays. So now I’m trying this, the Boon Stash organizer. It has different “cups” to organize various tools and crayons, etc. But that is, of course, it is used properly. If this does not work for my tots, I am going to (clean it and then) use it to organize my makeup! Or actually, I might just get another one for myself. I can put brushes in one, mascaras in another, lip glosses in a couple of them, tweezers, lip liners – I can list everything but you get the idea =) The Boon Stash Amazon for $24.99.

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