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Supersmile Sonic Pulse Toothbrush


I’m at the dentist as you read this so I’ve decided to devote today to our chompers.  I have been a loyal Sonic Care Toothbrush user for almost 10 years and no matter where I travel I take it with me– it’s been to Asia, Europe (the wattage was wrong in Paris and shorted the base) and all over the US. I’ve upgraded at least 4 times and change my brush heads every few months. I’d say I’m the poster girl for Sonic Care and never thought I’d find anything I like better until I discovered Supersmile Sonic Pulse toothbrush last month.

First, it’s much sleeker and lighter (making the Sonic Care feel like an antiquated version of toothbrushes) and you can control the speed from “Clean”, “Gentle” to “Pulse”.  But the best part is the brush head. It’s angled in a way that even the smallest of teeth get cleaned. I’ve been using it on my 4 year old and it fits right in his tiny little mouth– he didn’t scream or complain! Not only are the bristles softer, it’s also much more gentle on the gums since you can control the speed (my dentist asked me to take it easy on the Sonic Care as it has been wearing out my gum line!)

The system comes with a teeth whitening gel and toothpaste, too. I took it to DC with me on a recent trip and loved the easy to pack size of both tubes!

Retail price on this is $229 but get it at for $159 for a limited time! Get Supersmile Sonic Pulse Toothbrush here




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