DVF Iggy Stardust Shearling Jacket


I don’t care that it’s still 100 degrees here I want this jacket!!! Diane Von Furstenberg does amazing draping on her dresses and now she’s done it on a rock star worthy shearling jacket! This taupe suede leather reversible short jacket with ivory shearling lining will be a basic for me this fall to layer with just about everything! I love the draped lapels with raised seam detailing and an asymmetric hem– the unfinished raw look to it is what makes it so cool! 

Diane Von Furstenburg Iggy Stardust Reversible Jacket $1100 here. 

I’m off to NY fashion week, I’ll be attending the DVF show on Sunday and be having dinner with DVF herself at her studio afterwards!  Will keep you posted on the latest and greatest from the tents so stay tuned my snobs!

8 thoughts on “DVF Iggy Stardust Shearling Jacket

  1. Oh, you’re lucky. And you’re right, that jacket is all kinds of wonderful.


  2. Couture Snob Tracy on said:

    I’ve been eyeing that jacket all week on net-a-porter and shopbop. SO GORGOUS!

  3. I bought this jacket earlier this week. I am obsessed with it. Diane is a goddess!

  4. Julie I agree DVF is a GODDESS!!!

    and you T are my idol….heehee!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Jacket, I MUST have!!!!


  5. B, you have to get this jacket. It’s so fabulous!!! I am almost hoping for cool weather (not really)


  6. Julie is this you? lol…I on the other hand cant wait for cool weather as I do NOT live in Chicago (Burrrrr) Im going 2moro to check out this Jacket—Cant WAIT!! =)


  7. B, yup, that was me. I hope you like this jacket. You can probably get some good wear out of it. I may get a month, if I am lucky. So sick of ChiTown weather, ugh


  8. Yes Julie I am sure I will get more then just a month wear out of it!!Just make sure you wear it everyday till you no longer can…heehee!! =)


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