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House of Gasoline Glamour Shoes


I don’t know what to make of The House of Gasoline Glamour collection. What kind of drugs did these people take before designing these shoes? I lived in LA near Hollywood all through my 20’s so I’ve seen some really weird shoes but these are possibly the most bizarre shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on! And you won’t believe what they cost, the Chain Drip shoes are $8,000 (WHAT!?!?) and the crazy Clowny boots are $3,000 (a bargain compared to the rest of the collection.)

You really must go on this site for some serious entertainment. There is more than shoes, too. I think I’ve finally figured out where Lady Ga Ga shops. Check out House of Gasoline Glamour here.




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  1. For those of you into fashion, keep in mind some things are for fashion only not to be worn!!!

    The chain shoes are in the most recent YRB magazine as modeled by Kim Kardashian.

    These shoes are meant to be art not necessarily meant to be worn like an everyday shoe.

    Gasoline Glamours unique items must not be too far off the mark if they are being featured in latest fashion magazines.

    Apparently whoever commented on these shoes has NO sense of fashion/style.

    Maybe they should pick up a Vogue,Elle or Harpers Bazaar and see what fashion is like outside of their small town and small narrow mind.

  2. People can have different opinions and it doesn’t mean that those who don’t agree with a particular person have no sense of fashion/style. Persomally, those clown shoes would give me nightmares (and if any friend bought them I would consider immediate de-friending that person as I like a peaceful night’s sleep!)

  3. lol, and when did Kim Kardashian become a couture expert? These shoes are hideous! If you want amazing shoes, look to Balmain 🙂