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Hilary Duff’s Ted Rossi Python Hobo Bag: Snob or Slob?

hilary duff.jpgTed-Rossi-Python-Hobo-Bag-as-seen-on-Hilary-Duff.jpg

Ted Rossi is all about the jewelry for me — love, love, LOVE! Rossi’s bag are another story. Above Hilary Duff is pictured in the Python Hobo Bag ($2,495), and it’s a total slob for me. It doesn’t look luxurious and for the price I rather get a leather Prada or Givenchy or for $600 less you can get Adriana Castro’s Meissa Python Hobo! The shape looks awkward — the arm hole appears to be too big and I’m not digging the elongated, rounded rectangular-esque body. I also wish that instead of being a black/gray, the bag was more of a beige-neutral to give it a cleaner look.

What do you think about this Ted Rossi Hobo? Snob or Slob?


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  1. If it´s got to be snake, this color is more ok than the other suggested. However, there are so many snakeskin bags, that if you really wanted one, I think you would find a nicer one for this price.

  2. sloooobbbb

    i think python bags are a force unless they are colored. natural python belong on you wrist or your feet (except the natural python knee boots from Christian Louboutin..i dont like those)

  3. Bag snob is becoming the one becoming a slob, if you ask me. This bag is fabulous !!! Python is for the rich and/or famous. If you are neither, please step aside.

  4. If you shop at forever21, how would you know what is real or fake? Did your mama tell you about if you have nothing nice to say….