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Isabel Garreton Floral Appliqué Dress


My 2 year old will only wear dresses now. She points to a dress she wants to wear in her closet and says, “Pretty dress”. At bedtime, I am trying to put her pajamas on and she says, “Pretty dress” and has a fit if you put her in anything other than a dress. Uh oh, what have I done? One part of me just wants to let her. The rational part of me is concerned that she is already superficial. So what do I actually do? I see a dress like this and just want to buy it for her! Don’t worry, I’m going to call my therapist and work this out =) But how can I turn my back on a dress like this and not get it for her? This Isabel Garreton dress with the colorful flower appliques is sweet, playful and just plain gorgeous! It has a cleaned up bohemian feel, a bit country but completely city chic! Love love love it!! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $87.



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