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Marie Saint Pierre


It’s so exciting to discover new designers but Marie Saint Pierre is hardly ‘new’. She’s been a visionary of the Canadian fashion scene for over 21 years now and is wildly popular in both Europe and Asia– no idea why the US has not caught on but I aim to change that! I discovered her gorgeous, couture-like pieces at Takashimaya– the cooler than thou specialty department store in NYC. The minute I put on her shredded black vest (silk taffeta hand cut to look like feathers — animal friendly but gives you the look of fur without the stink or the bulk!) I was in love. It was quite reasonable given the work put into it– $795. I also picked up a long crinkle silk taffeta wrap coat/dress. It’s lightweight and fits like a dream! The perfect solution for warm evenings. It’s also $795 but looks like it cost thousands! Hurry over to Takashimaya and ask for Estefania to show you all the Marie Saint Pierre pieces (or just call her at 800-753-2038 to order!)



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  1. Ohh thank you Tina for discovering a Montreal based designer! Montrealers are very much into fashion and Marie St-Pierre represents us very well! She has her own boutiques here. If you are ever in the market for a winter, should also check out Mackage (which is also Montreal based)!

  2. You should come! Its only a short flight from New York and stay in the Vieux-Port. It looks just like Paris and you save the Jet Leg!