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Philosophy: the Supernatural

moolightphilosophy.jpgAll that ghostly make up from Marc Jacobs reminded me of a new product I got from Philosophy last month– the Supernatural illuminating mineral powder. I thought it was a body product and have been using it on my chest and arms and love the way my skin looks– it’s a touch of shimmer without any glitter. When I realized it’s made for the face, I applied some above the apple of my cheeks and it gave me a soft and radiant glow. I love the application, there is a sponge attached to the top of the tube, so all you have to do is dab at your skin to apply– no mess! This is a fab alternative to a straight out white kabuki rice powder. I’m returning to Asia next month, better hope my fake tan rubs off by then or I’ll never hear the end of it from my aunts and grandmother.

Moonlight from Philosophy is $28 here.



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  1. hahaha I loved the last line about your fake tan…I’m Korean and JApanese so I can relate completely. This seems like a product I would love to try. There are a lot of products in Korea that target this effect but I find them a little too bright…(they are called “illuminators” after all)

  2. Haha I concur. I was back in North America for 4 days (I know, crazy 15 hour flights each way!) and my friend in my hometown were much more tanned than I was. When I explained to them while I do not do whitening procedures like most girls in Hong Kong I do not tan and would not tan for social acceptance reasons, they looked at me like I had 3 heads and 4 arms ;p