Prescriptives: R.I.P


Stock up on your favorite Prescriptives products (and custom made lip glosses– oh my god I have to go get at least 10 tubes made!) before it gets completely shut down in January of 2010.  After 30 years, Estee Lauder has decided to shutter all retail distribution of Prescriptives next year.  WWD reported a speculation amongst insiders that a brand without a volume of at least $160 million at retail, a multinational distribution and a strong presence in the travel retail market will find it very difficult to be profitable in the current financial climate.

This is very sad news indeed. Make sure you stock up by January….. its website will continue until it sells out of the very last bit of inventory.  Shop Prescriptives here.

5 thoughts on “Prescriptives: R.I.P

  1. My heart sank when I read this, this morning in WWD..Their custom blend lip gloss is my absolute fave..SO SAD:(

  2. I’ve been using Prescriptives custom blend foundation for years:(

  3. Snowcriter on said:

    Prescriptives made some very odd decisions about what to keep. They took popular & very good products away. They lost my business because they didn’t have the products I wanted. Their lifting foundation was the best-but they discontinued that recently-as well. Too bad. It seemed to be a very good company at one time.

  4. Too bad! They had some good products.

  5. Prescriptives & Stila had already pulled out from the Asia market.

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