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Smooooth Legs, Hair Removal Flex Crystals


My sister and I saw these at a kiosk at the Grove in Los Angeles. They are also sold on infomercials so if you watch late night TV you’ve probably seen it. We tried it while we’re there and it really did work, took the hair right off and made the skin super smooth. The black pads are “flex crystals”, rubber pads with microscopic crystals that you can’t see.

You rub the pad in a circular motion on the area you want hair removed. You do this dry, no lotion or anything else. It leaves behind an ashy white residue, I’m assuming from all the skin you just scrubbed off. It’s like a very very fine sandpaper and you are essentially sanding the hair off. It supposedly keeps the hair off for 2 weeks. For the legs, it works great. But we got experimental and my sister tried her underarm and I tried my bikini area. Ouch. Not good for sensitive skin at all!! My sister’s underarms is all red, even after a day, and it looks like it is badly irritated. I probably have thicker skin because my bikini area is ok now although it did sting and was uncomfortable right after the “sanding”. The pain was tolerable, but then again I wax down there so I am probably desensitized. I even did this on my husband’s hands. He has knuckle hair which bugs me and they came right off, with no pain.

Now the question is, will there be in-grown hair?? Yikes. That would be bad. I will report back if something terrible happens to the treated areas. The bottom line, if you have some time on your hands and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease (although instructions say to not rub too hard), this does work for the legs. If you have tough skin all around, you can give it a try although I am very very weary about the underarms. They are $30 for a big pad and a smaller pad for the face and we got a “special deal” with a set of replacement crystals pads for free. The website for this company does not even work, which concerns me as well, but it is I have no idea what is up there since I can’t seem to view it.



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  1. I’m glad you have done a review on this, me and my sister got a set after a friend raved about them…and as you duely say it leaves your legs smooth soft and silky but our hair did grow back more swiftly than when we wax!!

    I did ask Renee if this is really good for you as sand papering your skin just doesnt seem healthy to me…what do you think, do you know any expert hair removal people we could ask?!


  2. Wow. No offense dear, but you got gypped. I got the Smooth Away from Bed Bath and Beyond with 10 replacement pads each (face and body) for 19.99.

    I like it a lot, but yeah, legs only! Owwieeeeee…

  3. I tried this myself after finding a coupon that netted me back $7 of the purchase price. While it did work on my legs, I found that one pad only lasted for about a quarter of a leg and then I’d need another one to keep removing hair.

    I’ll also admit that I tried the finger sized one on my upper lip. BIG mistake- though I followed directions and rubbed softly, I ended up with actual BURNS from the friction that took the better part of 2 months to heal. Never again!

    If anyone is interested, I posted a full review on my own site several months back, just click my name, then choose “Reviews” from the list on the right hand side of my site!

  4. I had a terrible experience with these:(((. I used it on my arms, but the hair wouldn’t come off, so i had to rub harder against my skin. The hair did eventually come off, but i developed a large scab on my ENTIRE arm( where i had used it). my skin was rough and scabby for 3 weeks after i used it. Please don’t use this. bad bad bad idea!! the hair that grew back was almost the same as when i shave.

  5. This stuff doesn’t work. I tried on my bikini line – hair did not come off. My skin got irritated and was “burning” for 3 days. This stuff is awfull. I advise AGAINST USING IT.

  6. I used the pads and they are great for exfoliating.

    Don’t push hard.

    I found I only got one use out of a pad – you need a new pad each time you do your legs,

    . Forget about doing any other parts!!

  7. You just have to be careful which product you buy. Smooooth Legs works great. Smooth Away sucks majorly. Doesn’t do a think but take your money and get on your nerves. I swear by Smooooth Legs, though. My legs are incredibly soft and smooth, my boyfriend thinks it’s the best thing ever.

  8. to be honest i used it today for the first time and im on 2 minds about it where as it did remove the hair it also irritated my skin and was burning for ages+ages..and i used smooooth legs guess its like using sand paper but not as rough.

  9. to be honest i used it today for the first time and im on 2 minds about it where as it did remove the hair it also irritated my skin and was burning for ages+ages..and i used smooooth legs guess its like using sand paper but not as rough.