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Snob Quiz #2: Hot for Hauteflops Giveaway!




What? You said summer is over? Well, I say it is the best time to continue the spirit of summer and stay haute with a week of Snob Quizzes to win fabulous Hauteflops! These comfortable and feet contouring flip flops are topped off with a crystal design of your choice. My tots and I all have them and they are our absolute favorite flops, ever! You get to pick the color of the flops (for adults, you can choose wedge or flats) and the crystal design so what you get is something all your own. We are giving away 5 pairs in 5 days. Either in adult size or tot size, your choice! The prize is worth $24.95-$34.95, depending on the style you want.

To win, tell us how Violet Affleck’s parents met (while they were filming which movie?). Put your answer in comments by Friday Sept. 11th at 11:59pm EST. We will randomly select a winner from all the correct answers. Only one entry per person per day, so make sure you come back and enter everyday for a better chance to win.

Thank you Hauteflops for sponsoring!

23 thoughts on “Snob Quiz #2: Hot for Hauteflops Giveaway!

  1. On the filming of “Daredevil”; Jennifer Garner was his co-star. They married in the Carribean on Turks and Caicos. Now do I get the cute orange flip flops? :-) Thanks.

  2. Daredevil. Although they where both in Pearl Harbor but not sure if they actually met then.

  3. Stephanie V. on said:

    Jennifer and Ben met while filming Daredevil in 2003

    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  4. While filming Daredevil!

  5. The awesome Daredevil movie!!

  6. Daredevil! I hope I win!!

  7. The officially first met while filming “Pearl Harbor”, but dated after filming “Daredevil”.

  8. Daredevil!!! Although technically, I guess they probably filmed Pearl Harbor first — maybe no scenes together??? Long time since I have watched that movie.

  9. lemottepiquet on said:


  10. Daredevil! Seems like ages ago now. My 3 year old niece would look just precious in a pair of those cute little shoes. Fingers crossed :)

  11. Happi Shopr on said:

    They began dating after filmning Daredevil.

  12. when filming daredevil

  13. Kerrie Mayans on said:

    They met when they both were in the movie Daredevil.

  14. Daredevil!

  15. While filming daredevil- how could he resist her in that outfit

  16. They might have exchanged glances in Pearl Harbor but they officially met during the filming of Dare Devil.

  17. Filming Daredevil

  18. They met while filming Daredevil.

  19. they were filming Daredevil

  20. Daredevil


  21. I don’t know where they met, but that shirt Violet is wearing is adorable!!!!!!!

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