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Gucci Packable Nylon Tote


I just got back from a 2 week trip to Taiwan with my 2 tots. Traveling with tots is just not easy, plain and simple. No matter how well organized and planned out you are, you cannot predict illness, irrational tantrums and inexplicable hunger. I still try to be as prepared as possible, which means, I bring a ton of stuff!! And the stuff just accumulates as the trip gets more hectic. My older daughter got sick, she was throwing up, had a fever and a tummy ache. Which means, for the rest of the trip, I am hauling around several changes of clothes, an ear thermometer, Tylenol, Motrin, baby Tums, easy to eat foods like crackers, bread and plain pasta, etc. I had my bag full of stuff and an extra paper shopping bag for the overflow. The moral of this story is: bring an extra bag with you at all times!! And for me, it is time to upgrade to something nice like this packable and washable nylon tote from Gucci. Someone there knows the pains of parenthood because it does seem like with the teddy bear hanging from it that it was meant for just my predicament!! It is the perfect size at 15″ x 15″. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $355.



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