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Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

There is so much talk about lash enhancers, but what about the brows? In my opinion, brows are what frame the rest of your face. I have a full shape to my brows, but the hairs are on the sparse and thin side. I usually fill them in, but at the ends of the brows, since its so thin, not much product is picked up into them making them look kind of wimpy. I’ve heard about Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum for quite some time now and over the summer finally decided to get it. I used it religiously, applying it day and night. After the 2nd week I noticed the hairs getting longer, faster, but didn’t really see any new hairs growing. After about 4 weeks, that’s when I noticed some stray hairs growing in. My brows did feel fuller, and the end of my brows did seem more pronounced, so I think this product was a success. I stopped using it for about a month to see if it would stay that same thickness, but just like lash conditioners, if you stop using it, your hairs will grow back the way that they were. You can get it at for $36.


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