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Bag Snob Exclusive: BALMAIN Bags!


Left: Mat quilted leather bag ($1,915) Right: Leo embellished shoulder bag ($2,920),

We have been waiting to share these photos with you for weeks! BALMAIN bags will launch on on Monday, October 19th but we have the exclusive photos now so you can choose what you want and buy the minute they appear on the site!  My faves are the Mat quilted bag and Leo embellished bag above.  If you look closely– the Mat quilting is not symmetrical, giving the classic quilt pattern a modern twist and at $1,915 it’s not that unreasonable (though not cheap either).  I have to admit I was expecting 5 figure bags considering the cost of Balmain RTW but the bag prices (for the most part) are acceptable.  The suede punk rock studded bag below left is the star of the collection at a whooping $3,925 but the workmanship is amazing!  I’m not usually a fan of multi hued studs but this one is strategically designed and feels very haute couture, detailing that Decarnin is known for.  The original leather bag (white) has to be seen in person to be appreciated, the whimsical fringes add fun and pizazz to the simple shoulder bag.   

BALMAIN Bags at on Monday morning!  Happy weekend, all!  I’m still home in Asia and having a blast.  Lots of new photos to share with you soon!


Left: Punk suede shoulder bag($3,925) Right: Original leather shoulder bag($2,315)







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  1. I dont see these bags being popular in the US..they lack the in your face logos or status symbols the US market usually goes for, altought I agree they are a bit overprized, I find the 4 you show here super interesting, not or eveyone for sure, you need personality to make one of this bags work they have that weird-rock-chic factor one expects from Balmain

  2. I love the Leo bag! Maybe cuz I am one. Agree with Sandra, it’s not in your face but I am strangely attracted to the two top ones. Not that into the punk suede although it does have a cool weirdness about it.

  3. It’s the generic shape and lack of interesting design details that make me yawn. I am very very discerning when it comes to shapes / details of bags and these bags lack them. They look like someone took the same school/messenger bag template lacoste/puma use, substitute nylon with leather and stud the heck out of them.

  4. These look like something my great-grandmother would wear…especially the patterned grey…not feeling them at all. And in this economy if I spend 4k on something I want it to look like it…if this was their Target offering I wouldn’t have been surprised. Fail for me.

  5. Is Balmain buying advertising on bagsnob? I don’t understand the gushing review of what appears to be, while perfectly serviceable, a rather unfashionable, unoriginal collection of bags that doesn’t seem to have many similarities with the types of bags that this site, and especially Tina, usually recommends.

    Not that these are awful, but they would only work on a certain type of person or with a certain look, and even then wouldn’t “make” the look at all. Rather mediocre.

  6. Hi Rach

    Balmain is not advertising on the site. We do not accept payment or gifts in exchange for editorials. When bags are offered for giveaways, we will run a couple of editorials to let our readers know to enter to win.

    As for the Balmain bags– I like the quilted (sold out) bag very much. I’m just in the mood for a casual type of bag right now.

  7. I looked at net a porter a moment ago and all four styes are still in stock.

    I find the designs rather underwhelming. The Proenza Schouler PS1s are a similar messenger style and size, but look much more unique. The Balmains look so ordinary.

  8. I really like the studded one – I’m not keen on gimmicky bags, personally and prefer simple styles, like these, with luxe details.

    I really like the fact that the studs have different finishes, as it makes the bag look vintagey and more interesting.

    Unfortunately, though, it appears to have the very nice, but sharp-looking, studs applied to the back of the bag, as well as the front – which a) presumably makes it even more expensive than it needs to be, b) makes it heavier than it needs to be and c) will, inevitably, lead to discomfort and torn clothing…


    If they really wanted to apply studs on the back, as well, they should have chosen non-pointed ones.