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Flecked Nail Polishes

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I am completely obsessed with flecked nails! Deborah Lippmann has been coming-out with the most AMAZING shades. I already told you guys about her 10th Anniversary set of three colors ($35) which comes with Rubby Red Slippers (super-dark taupe with red flecks), Superstar (dark brown with copper flecks), and Funky Chunky (black with black flecks). Now Lippman has come-out with Happy Birthday ($18, sheer with multi-colored flecks), and Marquee Moon ($16, silver with silver flecks). I can’t tell you how many people ask me about my nails when I wear these shades. They’re so fun and different without being too goth/tacky. Plus the play on light/dark and sparkle/matte is great for winter/fall.

Do you like flecked nail polishes as much as I do?

*On a side note, if the shade you’re looking for is sold-out online, check-out Barneys New York. They have a great selection of Lippman shades at their NYC uptown store.
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