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Jimmy Choo Ramona Pyramid Gold Studded Bag


I’ve been looking at this bag for weeks and it is slowly growing on me– it’s still not something I’d buy but I can see the appeal to many. At first I cringed at the studs overkill but the pyramid shape at least makes it interesting.  I see this on a slightly older bag snob who does not see studs as a passing fancy but part of her staple wardrobe (as it was for her in the ’80s).  Wait, that sounds like me!  It also feels very Halloween to me for some reason… what do you think?  Is this a Trick or a Treat? Jimmy Choo Ramona studded leather bag $3125



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  1. No. This is def. not something I would buy ( even as an older bagsnob ), and the reason is, that the bag lacks elegance completely. Elegance is an important factor! Definitely at this age ; )

  2. I love me some Jimmy Choo bags (see below) but this doesn’t strike me as a go-to everyday investment piece, so I wouldn’t pay full price for it. I might reconsider if I found it on sale (65% off or more) somewhere. (It happens!)

    I have a Saba, Simone, Bardia, Beales, and that metallic leather hobo that bag snob was cooing about a while back. Love it! What do you think of the “convertible” Riley?