Kate Moss and YSL Le Sixième


So excited to see the new YSL bag, Le Sixième (I just featured it last week) dangling off Kate’s shoulder. She and I have very similar tastes in bags apparently, (Derek Lam’s Elsa comes to mind) wonder if she reads Bag Snob!? Wishful thinking but just in case- love love love, you Kate! Now, this bag– does seeing it on her change your mind about it? Some of you weren’t very enthusiastic it when I first featured it. Tell me, are you influenced by Kate the Great? (more pix of Kate after the jump!)

YSL Le Sixième bag at Net-a-porter.com $1,695



20 thoughts on “Kate Moss and YSL Le Sixième

  1. Kate is fabo! The bag does look better on than the photo. I love the color, pale gray is a staple for me.

  2. Well, number one, Kate is under contract with YSL – is carrying there bags part of her contract? If so, would she have chosen this on her own? Just sayin’…

  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:


    wait til you see the gross Longchamp bag I’m featuring tomorrow that she’s probably ‘under contract’ to carry.

  4. I like this bag quite a bit! It’s a perfect Chanel alternative.

  5. She looks good in everything. This bag is nice, but on a mere mortal, I’m not sure it would pop.

  6. i liked it as soon as i saw the bag, but the chain is too long…

  7. She should get a contract with a lingerie company so she can get some free bras to wear for a change.

  8. This is an attractive bag, but it’s just another take on a Chanel bag.I think I’ll stick with the real thing.

  9. I too find the strap too long.

    OT, but what’s the brand of the sunnies? Love it!

  10. Alot of celebrities has contract with a certain brand & they tend to wear their clothes or carry their accessories. That is why I am not that into celebrity styles. However, Kate Moss does make most trends look good.

  11. Steven L. Kidder on said:

    People, myself consider her an Icon. So anything she does is immediately!! I feel like whatever she does is FABULOUS!!!

  12. hunnnnybunnnnnny on said:

    where she get that blouse from? so nice ah !

    where to buy from?

  13. I’ve seen this in person.. not impressed at all.

  14. I saw this bag @ Lane Crawford. it is very nice and available in different finishes (not the faux stingray unfortunately as that is Net-a-Porter’s exclusive).

  15. I really like this bag and the color as well.The bag looks great on the actress.I love the look of YSL bags

  16. I just bought the YSl muse clutch in the above faux stingray today! Its just fab!! Luv it!!

  17. Anonymous on said:

    It is faux as YSL comes in varies faux croc, lizard, stingray etc however they did it so well and the bags look just fab.

  18. Melanie Peterson on said:

    It just arrived, and I love it! Itis softer than it looks in the picture, and the sides have snaps to expand or fold, also the back flap also has a snap.

    It is a beautiful bag. The chain hasn’t caught my hair yet either..

  19. how much was it in lane crawford?

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