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Michael Kors Runway Clutch


“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” is stuck in my head because of this bag. I can’t tell if I am in love with the bag itself or with the sentimentality of the 80’s. I was in love with George Michael and was quite shocked when I learned that he played for the opposite team. Duh!! But I was not yet equipped with gaydar at 13 =) Michael Kors should have made a giant T-Shirt with bold black letters that says, “Choose Kors”. How cool would that be? I would wear it with this clutch, I love the 80’s high tech look and in acid yellow is obviously a bit tough to pull off on a daily basis, but in basic colors would be damn hot. But you would be surprised at how great a yellow clutch is, I have one and I wear it with black and white prints, blues and if I am in all gray, it turns sullen to happy instantly. At Neiman Marcus for $595.



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  1. Gals,

    Bag snob’s love affair with Kors has got to stop. He’s so low grade, and tacky….don’t let him pull you down, ladies.

  2. Oh, lighten up, sue, LOL! 😀

    I like the colour – I’m not a great fan of yellow and only like about three different shades, but this is one of them. 🙂