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Rebecca Gayheart in Fifteen-Twenty

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at 9.27.23 PM.png

I had no idea Rebecca Gayheart was pregnant!  I mean wasn’t she just in some nude threesome scandal?  Maybe the baby will shape up her lifestyle (DUIs and scandals)– kids will do that to you and I’m very hopeful for her.  She was spotted out and about sporting a printed Fifteen-Twenty top recently and looked casual and chic with ballet flats and a fedora.  This is an easy and cute look for pregnant woman, a stylish t-shirt can be slimming, especially in black and white.  See a similar Fifteen-Twenty top here.



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  1. what’s with the number name trend? My friend bought some gorgeous jewelry when she was on vaca from 5and9. She swears it costs less than a lunch though it looks like 20 l’arpege lunch.

    BUT I can’t find it anywhere, not even ebay!!!!

  2. Hi anne,

    I think that a brand called 6267 (high end Italian ready to wear) started the trend a few years ago… Sienna Miller and her sister followed soon after!! I find it slightly irritating though. Lacking in creativity…