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Sheila Kelley’s S Factor

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Anyone who watches Oprah or reads weeklies on a regular basis has probably heard (but not dared to check-out), Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. Well ladies and gents, two Friday nights ago I ventured over to S Factor’s NYC location for an intro two-hour pole dancing class ($40 or 8-week series of two-hour classes for $480 or 1 hour pole classes for $45). Everyone from Teri Hatcher to Kate Hudson are fans of the work-out class that is all about female empowerment. The lights are dim, there are no mirrors, no men are allowed, and the instructors are all about positive reinforcement. The class starts out with some stretches and yoga-type poses and about 3/4 of the 2-hour period is spend on the floor getting comfortable with your body and with the sexy poses you are being taught (everyone wears their hair down). Being that I work-out on a regular basis I wouldn’t consider the majority of the intro class much of a workout, but it was so much fun (especially if you take this class with friends), and it’s a real confidence booster. They sell 6-inch stripper heels (not the official term, but you can imagine what they look like…), which you can put on as you’re taught the stripper walk and then while you learn some basic pole moves. The pole moves are where the real work-out comes in — dammmn is all I can say! I have a new found respect for strippers because pole dancing takes some serious strength and flexibility! But again there’s no judgment; the instructors are super-sweet and really get you to feel comfortable in doing things you never thought you would!   


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