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YSL Perforated Leather Tote


It’s hard to find a sporty bag that is also stylish but YSL hit the balance perfectly with its new perforated leather tote. Never thought I’d be a fan of perforated leather but it makes this elongated doctor style bag so much more modern and interesting (not to mention very youthful and athletic). The number one complaint from women about elongated totes is that it’s hard to dig up things from the bottom of the bag (drives me nuts when I miss a call after frantically looking for my phone!). I’ve always said this is a problem easily solved with a larger opening which is exactly what YSL did– the zipper opening spans from middle of the bag on each side so you an actually see inside your bag. YSL Perforated Tote at Saks here $1,495


11 thoughts on “YSL Perforated Leather Tote

  1. Yes, this bag looks sporty in a delicate way. It looks calm and timeless.

  2. I must admit: that’s the best sporty bag I’ve ever seen! I would even dare to call it sporty-elegant :-) Love YSL-bags anyway!

  3. Love! Perhaps I found a new bag to tote to the gym…

  4. Debbie Terry on said:

    Looks like a diaper bag. I like shallow bags or I can’t find anything!

  5. Shoeshopping Goddess on said:

    I totally love this bag!!!

  6. Perfect for daily use, love it

  7. Tina, went by Tod’s today to make my 1st Tod’s purchase, and Chris was super nice!

  8. i like the perforated leather a lot. not in beige though or it looks like a bandaid! there was a loeffler randall bag that used it (in a better shape though) that i almost got… i snoozed and losed though!

  9. I’m not crazy about it, but it does have a certain amount of functionality.

  10. Tina, the reason you so love this bag is it probably reminds you of the Prada Cervo Antik Bowler! I know you’re a Prada fan. Aside from the perforation the straps and shape are the same! :)

  11. It looks like the Chanel Baseball Spirit, except for the color. But LOVE this version as well.

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