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Keep Your Tots Safe


There is nothing more horrifying than the thought of losing your child to abduction. Or even just losing them, not matter if it is only for 5 minutes. During the busy shopping season, our minds are elsewhere and stores are crowded, so this unfortunately this is also the season for tots going missing. Did you know, a tot goes missing every 40 seconds? That bit of factoid is going to keep me up at nights. The most crucial factor in finding them is time, and the quicker information about your child and go out to authorities the more likely they will be found quickly. The Amber Alert Registry™ allows parents to update their tot’s latest vital information (height, weight, photo, medical issues etc..) to be at the law enforcement’s fingertips. The Amber Alert Registry saves critical time to initiate an immediate response from local authorities. It is $19.95 for the yearly subscription to the service and the processing fee is free the first child and a one time fee of $4.95.

The founder of Amber Alert Registry is also the co-creator of Eyedentity Label. The labels are in the form of a temporary tattoo with important information like allergies, medical conditions and your contact information. This is especially crucial for the mentally challenged and the elderly.

Hopefully, you will NEVER need this information but anything you can do to prevent something horrible from happening, you should do it. Especially when it is so easy to do. Just a few simple steps and you can have a bit of peace of mind.



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