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Estee Lauder Opulent Shimmer Powder

I previewed Estee Lauder’s Opulent Shimmer Powder ($32) a few months back at a Holiday Preview that Estee Lauder hosted and have been dying to write about it ever since. Finally it’s out! I’ve been applying matte foundation and then sweeping my face with this powder — saying it creates luminous skin is an understatement. My friend Flavia had an all-girls dinner party the other night and so many of my girlfriends wanted to know what I had on my face. Even when blemished this powder makes your skin look healthy with a natural shine. It’s a bargain at $32 because you really just need two quick swoops on your face (I use it lightly all over my face, but it works as a highlighter as well). A few of my friends have picked this up after seeing me wear it and it works on variety of skin tones (finally a one-shade-fits-all that delivers!).


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