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Fendi Twins Straw Tote


I am ready to plan for Resort, as in, a warm vacation somewhere! Maybe that’s why this Fendi straw tote is fascinating me so. I am reminded of a tropical Asian country because this design looks like seat mats that you always find in places like that. You know, like in cabs. It is unique for a bag to have this woven design with straw but I am comforted by its familiarity. It is obviously meant for a beach holiday but I think it would be brilliant to use this for work so you can pretend you are going off on vacation every morning. Or is that just more brutal when the mundane reality comes crashing down? I don’t know, it’s been a while since I’ve been in an office setting =) I have one final reservation and it’s not a small one, the price!! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,560. Is there a world shortage on straw??!!



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  1. I would carry this constantly. I agree, the design is comfortingly familiar. It looks a lot like a bag my mother had when I as a kid, actually. However…the people at Fendi who priced this should put the crack pipe down NOW. $2,500 is waaaaay too much for a classic straw bag.

  2. I agree that it is an elegant straw bag. It does not look like the ones Asian women use for food shopping. However the price is ridiculously out of line.

  3. a lot of the Fendi collection is limited production. there isn’t many of these special pieces out there, thus the price. you get a limited production handbag from an italian fashion house that not many other people will be able to purchase. this Fendi has style, character, and originality.