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Gucci Bamboo Bar Leather Tote: Almost Cute

gucci bamboo bar leather tote.jpggucci_side_shot.jpg


I walked by Gucci today and saw a few bags that are definitely snob worthy.  There was a gray/white python one that stopped me in my tracks for a minute and almost convinced me to pull out that Amex card I’ve semi-retired.  Luckily I came to my senses and moved on, that’s when I came across the Bamboo Bar Leather tote.  Now this is not a bad looking bag, I actually like the shape, the leather and even the very discreetly placed strip of embossed logo leather.  What is puzzling is the flimsy (though stylish) handles and all the unnecessary little pieces of straps that render the bag sloppy.  So the bag is almost cute but definitely expensive ($1,895 for leather).  Gucci Bamboo Bar Leather Tote here.



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  1. maybe you have to see it in person, I find that true about alot of bags,

    if you have a good “bag”person in say Neimans, who will let you try a bag

    without all the stuffing, and even put some of your own stuff in it to see how it

    actually will shape out, then and quite frankly, only then will you know what the

    bag really looks like.

    This Gucci could be really cool, but the flat picture doesn’t do it justice, I imagine.

    That is why I like see stars, for example, wearing a bag in real life.

    That;s my opinion, I could be wrong.

  2. This bag comes in a smaller size for $1,590 on Neiman’s website. I called the Beverly Hills store and they had one in stock. I went to look at it and bought it. The leather is beautiful and the bag is very functional. The bag that you reviewed is HUGE more of a work or travel bag, but still gorgeous. I agree with My New Bag….it is hard to judge a bag from a picture…you really need to see it, try it on, touch it, etc.

  3. You have to see the real thing – you can not see the quality and the beauty in the picture. I saw the bag in the window in a gucci shop and I felt in love with the bag. I have looked for a everyday back for a couple of years, but never found the right one. BUT THIS IS IT. But I agree it is really expensive. But It will last forever and it got the right size for me. My boyfreind surpriced me with the bag as a christmas present. I LOVE IT so much. its from the spring 2010 collection my boyfreind was told.