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Tamlin & The Fall Sterling Silver Clutch Lined in Alligator


Unique does not even begin to describe this sterling silver minaudiere. The silver is individually cast using over a pound of silver and lined in American alligator! Everything is handmade in New York. The egg shape is ingenious, it’s like a real alligator egg. It is worn with a hammered silver chain wristlet and feather tassel. It is super tiny at 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 2.75″ so it is more of a pure accessory rather than functional for holding anything. But I am not bothered by any of that because this is like a piece of art to be ogled over. All their minaudieres are made to order and can be monogrammed and customized, as in finishes, leathers, colors, tassels, stones or in solid 18K gold!! Price for the silver with alligator is $22,200. For purchasing, contact Jessamee Sanders, founder/designer, at 718.300.2461 or you can email her.



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  1. I’m a luxury bag lover like the rest of the bagsnob fans, also a vegetarian and a PETA supporter! the dilemma has been killing me for the longest time but i just cannot give up on leather bags and shoes. giving up fur coats was much easier. i’ve considered going fabric or stella mccartney, but all the bags i fall for only come in leather. how do i justify this hypocrisy?

  2. Just think that clothing and shoes have been made out of leather for centuries. Leather shoes are great not only because they look good, but because leather molds to the shape of your foot and breathes making it the best choice for comfortable and practical footwear. Same goes for leather clothing. When you buy a good quality leather good it can last forever and serves its purpose. If you still feel guilty try looking up friendly companies that do not kill their animals in a cruel way.

  3. let’s get real; you are always carrying the hermes bag. HELLO? hermes and, behind, CHANEL (although their large exotic “it” bags are fabulous; i tend to carry them often. the rest is what we buy until we can put the cash down for the best. it is getting very difficult to part with that kind of cash.

  4. RETARDATION in the NATION, silly people. Give me 22K and I’ll start a small business. Besides I would rather a bag that “looks” like a million, not cost a million.