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Adriana Castro Python Meissa Hobo

Python Meissa Hobo - Black.JPGPython Meissa Hobo - Royal Blue.JPG

We loved Adriana Castro Python Meissa Hobo when it debuted a few seasons ago and it’s now become a classic shape for the brand.  For Fall, it’s updated in a range of gorgeous colors and matte python skin: Black, Brown, Anthracite, Royal Blue, Natural Matte.  Many celebs are discovering the charm of Adriana Castro’s bags as well– the Meissa hobo is a fave of Jennifer Lopez!  $1900.00 is a bargain for such a luscious bag and what an amazing gift it will be for the bag snob in your life!  Bummer for those who live in California as python is prohibited by state law, you’ll have to sneak it across the border like Kelly does.

You can order this bag online, place an order by phone 1.866.460.4484 or by e-mail.



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  1. I have to agree with Jlo and Shakira… this bag is TDF!!!… and I loved the blog posting about the Meissa hobo traveling in the Middle East!!! what a versatile bag 🙂

  2. I don’t think this bag is sophisticated at all and I agree the design is too simple… if you compare with nancy gonzales or oscar de la renta (like this months giveaway) the handles and overall structure of the bags are more chic.

  3. Exotics should be simple, classic and timeless. This will definitely be my first exotic piece. I love the simple design. I believe it all depends in tastes…That is what this blog is for; to express our opinions.

  4. Lauren, do not order this one before you check out other finer examples of exotic skin bags: Marcela Calvet and Nancy Gonzalez. Unless, you go for the Jennifer Lopez idea of elegance of course; but remember that celebrities do not buy the fashion item they are seen wearing. I am a fashion stylist and the truth is, the PR person hired by the fashion label is the one who provides us (the stylists), with samples; then WE choose (according to the overall outfit the celeb will be wearing), the accessories and voila! The celeb gets photographed!

  5. I am a high-end fashion stylist and I agree with Sandra: this bag is not sophisticated. If we speak of true sophistication, then MARCELA CALVET is the designer we should be talking and drooling about. It is not by luck that she has been (again) selected Designer Label for Glamour by European, Middle East, Australian and American followers (stats by Fashion Organization – Europe). As an insider in the fashion industry, when it comes to the exotics my vote goes to Marcela!

  6. I disagree with you. I love this bag. I own a couple Adriana Castro Bags and I love every detail. Also, their customer service is great, it is really one to one and that is what fashion is all about. Adriana, I wish you all the luck. Ignore all the negative and jealous comments, fill your day with positive thoughts and keep conquering the exotic handbag world! Have a great day 🙂

  7. I think her bags are nice, but that is it. I have still yet to see something innovative from her to really shoot her up to the nancy gonzales bar…Having great customer service is important, but I don’t buy handbags b/c of customer service. I buy them for their great design.

  8. Simple and elegant, attention to details and chic, just a few words to describe Adriana’s bags. I have Nancy’s bags, i have had Marcela’s bags in my hands but not my style.

    Adriana is so young and talented, she is everywhere, high profile celebrities and socialites carry her bags… no words. Adriana, keep up your beautiful work (I have not one but two Meissa hobos, ostrich and the other python, I get stopped walking on the street)

  9. I love americans. They love designers who get the celebrity factor. I live in northern Italy (Milano), and I will tell you that Adriana Castro is a name we don’t recognize. Nancy Gonzales maybe a little bit, but I did look their websites and between Gonzalez and Castro, I think Castro wins. About Marcela Calvet, she is in a separate league, well-known here in Europe and her bags are very much liked among European celebs. She definitely appeals to the European sense of style. Even for Italian standards, Marcela Calvet bags stand out. I looked at her website too and her new collection Ariege is young, contemporary and very, very elegant at the same time. So, to me it is Marcela Calvet for overall elegance and more in tune with Europe’s standard of chic for all ages, and Adriana Castro for the younger ages who model after U.S. celebrity. Nancy Gonzalez, no disrespect but I agree with Jennifer, is more for old women. Also I agree with Joanne, customer service is important but quality of bag matters most to me.