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Sang A Mezzo Convertible Tote/Clutch- 30% off!

UPDATE: Sang A just sent me this coupon for our readers! She’s having a private pre-sale at 30% off starting Monday (but if you call Joseph I bet he’ll do it for you now!)  Code to purchase online is PRESALE09


I’ve decided I am all about convertible bags for traveling from now on.  Ms. High Maintenance with 4 suitcases @ 200 lbs this last trip to Asia pissed off everyone who had to load and unload them (best friend’s hubby, brother, cousin, housekeepers, etc).  mezzofolded.jpgSo for my next trip, I’m downsizing (by at least half, hey it’s an improvement!). Am contemplating this ingenius MEZZO Folding Shopper tote in black natural gloss python from our friend Sang A— it’s large enough by day for my small laptop and folded in half, it’s the perfect oversized clutch!  Sang A is really in tune with what modern women juggling multiple roles as wife/mother/career girl need cuz she is one herself.  Her bags are never fussy– chicness and simplicity rule, as do functionality.  It comes in multiple colors and skins but I prefer the black/white combos– very sophisticated and will be easy to use while traveling. 12.5″ x 9″ (folded is 6.25″x9″)– $2,500.00 for the  BLACK NATURAL GLOSS PYTHON Here.  And $1,800 for the COOL WHITE VINTAGE PATENT LEATHER version.




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  1. Well as long as you wore/used everything you took with you. Perhaps what you really need is to take along a travel butler who can carry all your suitcases, pack and unpack and generally smooth the way. That way you could take as many suitcases as you like. There’s a Christmas gift idea for your husband right there.

    I don’t understand how the foldover bit works. I can see that it’s a tote when open, but when you fold it over, how do you use it as a clutch? Where is the opening? How much fits in there?

  2. yes, it’s a great looking bag, but when are designers going to get over themselves and start charging real prices for these bags. It’s not that impressive. $1800 for patent leather just doesn’t seem right to me.

  3. I don´t know what it is about these Sang A bags, but I simply am not impressed. Sure, some are pretty and the price stays reasonable. In fact, I´m not sure what has happened to the bags featured on this site in the first place. I remember, that in the beginning, I was so anxious to see what you turn up with, but lately so many bags stay at the medium or under level. Maybe I have changed, who knows.