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Alexander Wang did not design this for breastfeeding!

kkardashawdress.jpg I had no idea Kim Kardashian is breastfeeding, or at least that’s what it looks like from my side of the screen. Now where was this dress when I was nursing my own son (for 13 months!)!?!?  I mean look at that breast flap, so convenient, just pull it down to let the bambino snack!  And yes, I realize Alex did not design the dress with this function in mind but if you are nursing, give it a try!

I’m sure it’s depressing when her siblings are getting more attention than her no matter how much skin she flashes but that should clue her in on what not to do. I find their entire family to be creepy– I have watched a couple of episodes of their reality show and hello– her stepdad (a pulled too tight Bruce Jenner) came to watch her strip for Playboy!?!?  I guess he would have seen it in the magazine anyway but the fact that he was there in person was a bit too disturbing for me.  

Alexander Wang dress is at for $795.




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  1. Tina, I debated to comment on this because I wasn’t sure I could keep my comments as professional as yours were! Nonetheless, I am on the fence about the dress. I like the all black version better and it appears to be popular, having sold out in two sources I checked. As for the Kardashians – tacky and tasteless – just horrible – the whole lot of them!