Alexander Wang Slouchy Leather Shoulder Bag


This could be such a cool bag if it wasn’t so poorly made. I love giant slouchy hobos, you get so much coverage on your body that is makes an instant statement. The double sided black and demin is not only great for versatility but the peek-a-boo effect when you’ve got it on makes people very curious. The textured leather just looks so cheap to me and whenever you have a totally plain bag, the quality or in this case, lack thereof, really shows through. I am intrigued but disappointed. Someone will do this better I’m sure! At Net-a-Porter for $780.

3 thoughts on “Alexander Wang Slouchy Leather Shoulder Bag

  1. Catherine on said:

    Wow. This is a big “miss”.

  2. I actually like it. Alex Wang is amazing.

  3. Too bad the quality is poor. I love the style and the bag. I hope someone does do it better :)

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