Ashley Greene is cuter in a red suit than Santa Claus

red bottega suit.jpg

Who says only Santa can get away with a bright red two piece over the holidays?  We are obsessing over this gorgeous red suit from Bottega Veneta, it’s a sleek and chic alternative to the power black work suit.  And yes, it’s quite difficult to carry off a blinding red suit but paired with the striped shirt, it is modern and bold.  One quick note, however, it is important to look down before you leave the house so you can make sure your pants are evenly cuffed.
What about you, will you be rocking a red suit this holiday season?

One thought on “Ashley Greene is cuter in a red suit than Santa Claus

  1. Haha the title of this post is funny. And I agree. :D She looks cute, apart from the uneven cuffs.


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