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Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer


Yes, it is flu season and we try everything we can to avoid getting sick but it’s impossible to be 100% vigilant. This Braun Thermometer saved my sanity when both my daughters AND my husband got sick, one after another with some overlap. I was spared, possibly because of the flu shot I got (none of them got the shot) but most likely because I am the mommy and I had to stay healthy to take care of everyone. The last thing you need to worry about is fighting with your tots over the rectal thermometer. It is just brutal. But you really need to keep a constant eye on their temperatures and there is nothing more accurate and easy than an ear thermometer. I love this thing! Every hour I would go around and get a fast and easy read (about 3 seconds), it comes with a cover but I reused the same one for each tot (and husband). You can change it easily from Celsius to Fahrenheit depending on your preference. This is a MUST for newborns and if you are still using mercury, you cannot wait another day, get this NOW!! At Amazon for $69.



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