Give the gift of a fabulous bag!


Still looking for that perfect gift for the Bag Snob in your life? Please watch my gift guide on NBC here. It was live on Monday afternoon! NBC’s Lx Tv is the “Today” show for the afternoon, watch it on NBC4 at 5 pm daily in your local city! And in case Santa is wondering, I’ll take the Derek Lam Elsa bubblegum clutch (now at Derek Lam– call Wayne 212-966-1616 to order) and the Bottega Veneta crocodile studded tote ;)

Just found out this segment was picked up by Taxi TV and will be shown in all the yellow cabs in NYC this week! Watch for it when you hop in a cab :)

11 thoughts on “Give the gift of a fabulous bag!

  1. Yayay!! So good! And Sara Gore said you were one of her faves:)

  2. The studio lighting is so forgiving. I’ve seen many of the Falchi bags at my local Target store. You can so obviously tell they are cheap bags, the python and croc is heat printed/embossed on some sort of “fabric” and it doesn’t look well made at all *sigh* The Pierre Hardy bag is TDF

  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    I know what you mean but this one is a Target internet exclusive, trust me it does not look anything like the bags at the stores for some reason!

  4. Not in love with any of these bags, but you have such a fab tv personality Tina!

  5. Tina! That was so fun, and I saw you bag tempting the host!!! That bottega veneta…so lovely, and you are so lovely!!

  6. What a great piece! Love the bag as wrapping paper idea. You truly shine on camera, congrats!

  7. fun video! I am in love with the BV!

  8. Great video, loved the idea of using the bag as wrapping paper.

  9. how did i miss this? Wonderful job, you are so perfect for TV. Please post when you will be on next time. Will look for you while cruisin’ the cabs!

  10. Tina you did a great job and you looked gorgeous! Loved your outfit. xoxo

  11. Thank you!!! That Carlos Falchi is just what I’ve been looking for, something inexpensive that I can use as an airline carry-on without worrying about it getting banged up. I normally would not order something like that without seeing it IRL first, but I completely trust your judgment that it looks okay.

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