Karl Donoghue Rabbit Fur Gilet


This is one gorgeous rabbit fur gilet (gilet is French for sleeveless jacket by the way)– even a bunny lover like me can’t resist.  Many rabbit fur items can resemble roadkill, but this is obviously a well cared for rabbit– perhaps one that lived a long life on a rabbit farm before ending up as rabbit stew.  And the seams are meticulously sewn together, which makes it looks almost like sheared mink.  The taupe color is amazing with the brown leather belt but what I really love is the exaggerated collar.  Very chic!  Karl Donoghue Rabbit Fur Gilet $1,105.00

2 thoughts on “Karl Donoghue Rabbit Fur Gilet

  1. It feels like on the top of this world when we get to have something which is so smart yet elegant.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    cool piece

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