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Michael Kors Very Hollywood Collection for Estée Lauder and Q & A with Michael Kors


I’ve never really given Estée Lauder much thought until recently; when I was a kid, it was my aunt’s favorite (White Linen anyone?) and I always thought of it as the brand for the mature set.  That’s all changing, however, under the direction of the very young and very chic Aerin Lauder (I see her at the Oscar show each season and she is so poised and beautiful, no tantrums from her when they ask her to get in line, she stood behind us at the last show!).  The latest collaboration with Michael Kors, Very Hollywood, is a stunning collection of modern palettes in shades of pinks and corals.  Even the packaging has been redesigned with Michael’s modern glam sensibilities. 
I had the chance to play with the collection a couple of weeks ago at a press event and became obsessed with the Rodeo Pink palette.  I’m happy to report that the lip glosses no longer have a strange scent and are ultra moisturizing and shiny!  I’m not usually a coral girl but this coral is very natural without any tinge of orange-y ness, the entire collection is very neutral and perfect for all skin colors.  Read on for a quick Q & A with Michael Kors!

The collection will be at counters starting in January.  Sign up for Estee Lauder newsletter here to be notified when it becomes available on line.


Q: Why did you partner with Estée Lauder for the Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection?

A: Nobody understands modern glamour and luxury like Estée Lauder, which is what the Very Hollywood

color collection is all about.

Q: What or who inspired you to create the Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color


A: Iconic Hollywood glamour, both past and present, made foolproof for everyday life was the inspiration

behind the Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood color collection.

Q: Tell us about your friendship with Aerin Lauder and how that played a key role in the creation

of the Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection?

A: Aerin’s style, charm and understanding of American glamour made her such a perfect partner in

creating this collection. When it comes to beauty and style, we are so on the same wavelength that

we could finish each other’s sentences.

Q: What was your inspiration for the shades in the collection?

A: The Bel Air Beige palette was inspired by the understated elegance of the Bel Air Hotel and the

timeless chic of California neutrals. Rodeo Pink brings to life the flip side of Hollywood glamour. I

love the iconic pink of the flowers that line Rodeo Drive and the bright colors of the homes in the

Hollywood Hills.

Q: What was your inspiration for the packaging for the collection?

A: We wanted the packaging to feel like a modern take on something you would find in a fabulous

Hollywood boudoir on the dressing table. The beige compact with gold accents housed in a coral

outer carton has the timeless elegance that’s perfect for this collection.

Q: What is your ideal fashion and beauty combination for the red carpet?

A: I always love the idea of a super glamorous gown with natural hair and makeup – or the reverse – an

understated little dress can be amazing with dramatic hair and makeup. It’s the juxtaposition that

makes it all modern.

Q: What inspires you about Hollywood today?

A: Hollywood, both past and present, is fascinating to me because it is the birthplace of fantasy and

dreams for so many people around the world. Sunshine, talent and glamour are an incredible

combination that will always resonate with me.

Q: What is the secret to looking glam on the red carpet?

A: If it’s a daytime red carpet, aviator sunglasses with a tuxedo give a man the sporty elegance of

Steve McQueen. For anyone on the red carpet, the ultimate accessory is confidence. Don’t wear

anything that leaves you in a questioning state of mind.

Q: What is the one thing to always remember when walking the red carpet?

A: Pull your stomach in, throw your shoulders back, stand tall and have a great time



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