Snob Essentials

Munchie Mug, New Spill Resistant Snack Cup


Yeah, sure, this is not the cutest contraption out there but if you are tired of sweeping up every 5 minutes and having your car look like the bottom of a trash can, then like me, you won’t care about aesthetics. We all have the Snack Trap, which is great for the responsible tots who really don’t want to spill because all it does is prevent accidents. It does nothing for the 99% of normal tots who want to spill. Mine opens up the flaps and just dumps everything out because she can. The Munchie Mug does a much better job at keeping snacks in. There is a fabric opening which makes it nice and soft for little hands but also a real challenge to dump. The big slot handles on the sides make it easy to carry around and the big mug makes sure you have enough snacks for the entire trip! At Amazon for $15.95.



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